Heavy Rains, Flood Threats Loom Over 15 States in US

Colorado hit hard as flooding rains trap drivers in an instant
2:52 | 08/10/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Heavy Rains, Flood Threats Loom Over 15 States in US
And we do begin with those dramatic moments. Flood watches across 16 states and the frightening and deadly scene that played out in colorado. You can see the water rushing down the mountainside. With incredible force. Trapping drivers in an instant, including that man, right there in the car, tonight we hear from him, his survival story, and what he endured. Meantime the images nearby, cars washed up on the road. Headlights still on. The force of the flood waters so great, pieces of cars strewn everywhere. Why that scene in colorado was particularly deadly. Here's abc meteorologist ginger zee. Reporter: Clinging to life. As torrents of flash flood waters came stampeding down this colorado highway, this 70-year-old man tries to make a break for it. Tonight, we know that he's alive and feeling very lucky. Lots of mud and water just came right at me. Reporter: That nightmare claiming at least one life, a man found buried in debris. His car not too far from him. This looks a beaten graveyard of muddy wrecks. Businesses and homes annihilated. Three are people missing. One a woman. She was seen near a creek at one moment hanging to a tree and not seen the next. Reporter: That was black for a reason. More than an inch of rain fell in just 40 minutes, way too much for this scarred mountainside to absorb. This was the same site of a fire last season. The gravity of the flood water grabbing that charred land sending it directly through town. It's happening again, now in the pacific northwest. It's happening tonight zdavid. Let me show you the watches, warnings, right next to each other, the green, flood watches, right next to them, red flag warnings. You don't often see them together. That's a perfect example of what happened in colorado of what could happen in oregon and washington. You're also watching the southeast, more rain for them? Yes. We have seen so much. Five deaths attributed to flash flooding. It doesn't take a whole lot when you're saturated this way. They drop a whole lot in a short amount of time. Nashville, 1 to 4 inches. All right, ginger, we'll see you on "good morning america." Meantime that wildfire out in southern california we're also following that tonight, this evening the fire is 40% contained. The people who have been evacuated have been allowed to return home.

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{"id":19927169,"title":"Heavy Rains, Flood Threats Loom Over 15 States in US","duration":"2:52","description":"Colorado hit hard as flooding rains trap drivers in an instant","url":"/WNT/video/heavy-rains-flood-threats-loom-15-states-us-19927169","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}