Helping the Homeless in Denver With Softball

Real estate developer Joe Carabello encourages the less fortunate with a weekly softball game.
1:59 | 08/29/13

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Transcript for Helping the Homeless in Denver With Softball
Finally tonight a man with his own field of dreams. It began with empty bases and a ball and a unique group of players who came to play. Abc's clayton sandell an the team and the man who brought them together. They're america strong. Reporter: Riding around his old neighborhood -- my father once lived in that house. Reporter: Joe carabello became alarmed at the number of homeless people in denver, especially the ones living in parks right next to empty baseball fields. Reporter: That gave carabello, a successful real estate developer, an idea. Would you like a ball? Reporter: Using his unique calling card, softballs marked with the time and date, carabello hit the street, hoping to recruit enough players for a weekly game. Do you like to play ball? It's fun. We have all the equpiment. You want to pitch? Okay. Reporter: Kind of like the movie "field of dreams." If joe built it, would they come? But slowly word spread. To places like the parking garage where rose henderson lives alone after she lost her job six months ago. I just pray that things will change. Reporter: Now, every tuesday, she joins dozens of players on joe's field. ♪ Buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks ♪ Reporter: To play. For each player, the game means something different. Reporter: Ricky gessick, a former marine wounded in iraq, finds time out from the stress and struggle of the street. When you feel like the world has landed on top of your head, just having somebody encourage you for just one quick minute can turn that road around. Reporter: For third baseman sean thomas, the game means getting back on his feet. Joe is helping him find a job. I appreciate it, joe. They have a lot of openings. Reporter: For rose, it's about belonging. Like you're a part of a team and part of society again. I love it. Reporter: On joe carabello's diamond in the rough. Helping make others america strong. Clayton sandell, abc news, nver. We thank clayton and you for

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{"id":20113061,"title":"Helping the Homeless in Denver With Softball","duration":"1:59","description":"Real estate developer Joe Carabello encourages the less fortunate with a weekly softball game.","url":"/WNT/video/helping-homeless-denver-softball-20113061","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}