Helping Homeless Kids Celebrate Their Birthdays

Birthday Wishes organization makes sure children living in shelters get parties.
2:44 | 06/03/13

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Transcript for Helping Homeless Kids Celebrate Their Birthdays
Want to hear a lot of children have a birthday ended their moment a simple joy but tonight. ABC's Bob Woodruff reminds us not every child gets to hear that familiar song. For most of us -- his birthday parties become big parts of our lives these are my kids next -- behind the camera. -- Power they have -- full. You both for. With some children never get parties holding -- Before. Actually stance and her daughters -- Are homeless forced to live in this shelter shared this room what's that like her for a little girl like this to not have important -- You can we can -- I think -- Enter Lisa vessel off eleven years ago she created -- charity called birthday wishes to give these kids the same joy. She gave her two -- Our first offense Lisa works behind the seats for small back room and a local church for toys and decorations. Tablecloths and stacks of donated cake mix. Tower over. There are dolls and Legos these ones are donated by other kids who did get parties this just came in the other day. And from a seven year -- birthday party and he donated all of this presents so it was it was pretty cool. Everything I want -- -- parties for these kids. Because it takes the darkness out of their their lives then let's not let their special. For two year old Roland solo of this is his first party over his mother princess has never had -- -- -- -- -- Don't think and never have the homeless women that. So on this day Roland and -- got their chance and they -- they were side by side. Role in blowing bubbles for the very first time. Some are playing pin the tail -- -- And even drawn to. And if you think it's just one party think again. Since 2002. Leases -- parties in 186. Shelters across three states. For 48000. Homeless kids. And there the center of attention even for that little minute when they're standing in front of the case. They themselves passion that -- yet. 48000. Smile. Just like this. Bob Woodruff ABC news Roxbury Massachusetts. To view -- the help with the birthday wishes project that

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{"id":19316662,"title":"Helping Homeless Kids Celebrate Their Birthdays","duration":"2:44","description":"Birthday Wishes organization makes sure children living in shelters get parties.","url":"/WNT/video/helping-homeless-kids-celebrate-birthdays-19316662","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}