Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in an All-Out Battle for Votes

Morgan Freeman endorses Clinton; Bernie Sanders says Gloria Steinam made him an honorary woman.
3:21 | 02/20/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in an All-Out Battle for Votes
On the democratic side tonight the showdown in Nevada that neck and neck battle this evening between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. The most recent Nevada poll showing a dead heat this will all come down to turnout tomorrow. And the new national polling in the last 24 hours Clinton leading Sanders but by a smaller margin than before 53 to 42% there. And on the eve of Nevada Hillary Clinton getting an early gift a major endorsement that could be crucial in South Carolina. And Bernie Sanders teen competent tonight. Sanders told voters quote he was once made an honorary woman ABC Cecilia Vega from Las Vegas. Tonight the final push looks like this. Bernie Sanders racing across this state barely time for a stop when his white. But I hope we have they very law. Very very large. Voted turnout tomorrow. Hillary Clinton already looking ahead to the next state up South Carolina. Where today she got the boost she's been waiting for that coveted endorsement from the State's most powerful Democrat congressman Jim Cliburn my heart. Has always men. We've Hillary Clinton. My birthday in the back of the neck in neck race pushed him to endorse now. I need to get hot it's not Saturday morning here it is a fight to the finish Clinton. Boo boos and cheers in the final horn before tomorrow's caucus. Senator Sanders wasn't really a democratically decide to run for president. The Sanders drawing laughter and it. So Gloria Steinem everybody knows glory is one of the leading feminists that America may be an all honorary woman many many years ago. I don't talk. I accepted it. The new governing. They think it all comes down to the ground game Clinton opened her first campaign office here months before Sanders but he has more offices than she does. And is spending more on TV ads to. But Clinton's volunteers 7000 strong. Sanders as team says he has more than 2000. Today I was there is Clinton's army hit the streets. We've been knocked on doors Edwards and late August. And we got an official why is the recent close of that is that you guys have been here knocking all these dealers. Giving an expected right. Clinton her eyes now on South Carolina. Hitting the airwaves there with is sad today. Storing one of America's most famous voices actor Morgan Freeman she understands that our country can't reach his potential. Unless we all do. Morgan Freeman lending its voice of the Clinton camp tonight Cecilia Vega with us live from Las Vegas tonight and it's a silly you were telling us that both of these campaigns acknowledge tonight. If this is very close. It's that's. Measured approach from Hillary Clinton her teens prediction is going to be very close out here in Nevada David. The back in Iowa they flipped a coin when they had ties in some of those precincts and you told us earlier this week in in Nevada they're gonna use a deck of cards they have those decks ready. It all comes down to that deck cart that art and cast doubts are those precincts here it did you not to city video witness from Nevada tonight Cecilia thank you.

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{"duration":"3:21","description":"Morgan Freeman endorses Clinton; Bernie Sanders says Gloria Steinam made him an honorary woman.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"37068067","title":"Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in an All-Out Battle for Votes","url":"/WNT/video/hillary-clinton-bernie-sanders-battle-votes-37068067"}