Hillary Clinton to Make a History-Changing Speech

As the first female to accept her party's nomination for president, she will make her case to American voters that she should be president.
5:15 | 07/28/16

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Transcript for Hillary Clinton to Make a History-Changing Speech
Good evening from Philadelphia tonight with the pressure could not be greater for Hillary Clinton Clinton will make history tonight here the first woman to accept the nomination to the major party. But she knows this is a country divided a country with a very strong opinion about her already. You're looking live at the convention hall right now we have learned Clinton is still tweaking her speech tonight. The campaign knows and Hillary Clinton knows that she must come onto that stage tonight and say something reveals something that could change minds already made up. About a woman who's been on the national stage for 25 years. It all comes after President Obama made his case for Clinton last night his onetime rival who became a close partner in the White House and a friend after work. But tonight it is Hillary Clinton who must make the case for herself ABC Cecily Vegas is on the convention floor. Tonight Hillary Clinton would the most important speech on her life. Aides say she will cast this election as a quote moment of reckoning for voters she will hammered Donald Trump. And she'll invoke the famous phrase that's been her signature for twenty years it. Snakes all of us. It takes. A village. After that ringing endorsement from President Obama I can say with confidence. There has never been a man. Or a woman. Not mean not build nobody. More qualified. Than Hillary Clinton. The sir. Yeah. Those words bringing the former president looking known to his speaks I hope you don't mind bill but the film true. President Obama also going on the offense against Clinton's opponent the name alone drawing boos in the hall. And then. There's Donald from. Don't go vote. This chat anyone who threatens our values. Whether fascist or Communist or jihadist or homegrown demagogues will always fail in the N. Joining in the trump bashing vice president Joseph Biden hollow Canterbury pleasure. This day you're fired. He's trying to tell us he cares about the middle class can't may outbreak that's a bunch of Malarkey. One billionaire taking on another. Former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg. An independent who's run as both a Democrat and a Republican trump says he wants to run the nation like he's running his business. God help us. I'm a new Yorker. And I know what kind when I see one. I. The most personal terms. She knows. Sometimes almost forty years you litmus Brett just like I have just like we all do. He says that's what happens when we've been fighting in the public eyes so long. Even if we haven't always noticed you. The arena weather. Because the mud Will Smith in the spectator sport. Give them about the three road. That's about youth weekend. And that's surprise appearance Clinton walking out on to that stage to the cheering crowd. The long embrace with the man she hopes to succeed tonight that stage hers alone. And so let's get right lied to Cecilia Vega down the floor tonight it's silly we know it's all. Up to Hillary Clinton tonight the team will get help from one. Unless person. Before her speech. You can write to. Any time you. Got a daughter Friday. City vigor alive on the floor tonight into silly I see over my shoulder near the female senators but taking the stage here just hours before Hillary Clinton's speech and as we're on the air right now we are learning new details about what mrs. Clinton plans to say it public's tweaking and riding she's still been doing. Today let's get right down to ABC's Jonathan Karl on the floor plates by the states not far from the podium tonight and done quite a scene of all those female senators lined up tonight. I absolutely David and we've learned that Hillary. Only lease the site. I S doubts about. They may not be sold on trump they may not like Donald Trump but still have doubts about herself the most. The audience here is not. The people in this room but independents and Republicans. Who she simply knows we don't trust her but we're told she started working on the speech weeks ago. Last night after that moment we've got held up the stage with President Obama she works late into the night and today she's been in a Philadelphia hotel room I'm putting on the final touch.

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{"duration":"5:15","description":"As the first female to accept her party's nomination for president, she will make her case to American voters that she should be president.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"40975959","title":"Hillary Clinton to Make a History-Changing Speech","url":"/WNT/video/hillary-clinton-make-history-changing-speech-40975959"}