Hillary Clinton off a Fresh String of Victories Changes Course

Four more wins for Clinton as her focus shifts to beating Donald Trump.
2:05 | 03/16/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hillary Clinton off a Fresh String of Victories Changes Course
Out of the democratic side tonight Hillary Clinton with a string of victories now committing to Donald Trump. For more victories for her overnight although states and light blue on the map but in Missouri still too close to call. Clinton when asked by us if the idea of a difficult fight against Donald Trump gives her pause. She said no here's ABC Cecilia vegan. The democratic nomination now within arm's reach and Hillary Clinton is focusing her fire on Donald Trump. We should be. Breaking down barriers not building wall our commander in chief. Has to be able to defend our country and not embarrassed that. Today firing off 20 saying Clinton doesn't have the strength or energy to be president. Recycling attack line it's become one of his favorites but Hillary's low energy Erica. She doesn't have the strength for this that she's got no strength. She's got no Stan. Nike does. Clinton earlier told me she's ready he can talk about Hillary wants to talk about if he wants to focus on me and talk about me. That's his choice tonight Clinton closer than ever to locking up this race and when that happens she said she will ask Bernie Sanders for help. I would hope to be able to enlist birdie. In helping me reach out to his supporters. Sanders still defiant. Hello let people tell you lecture today at date date. The Vermont senator would need to win every remaining primary state by nearly forty points in order to clinch the nomination. The path to victory for him now and next to impossible. And Cecilia Vega joins us tonight is Welsh the C a pretty steep climb their for Bernie Sanders and when you talk to Hillary Clinton she made it clear this is his decision to make. After David she said even if his prolonged presence in the streets ends up hurting here in the end she told me quote. I've never going to tell anybody to step out. David to see leaving you with us again tonight thank you as soon.

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{"id":37705447,"title":"Hillary Clinton off a Fresh String of Victories Changes Course","duration":"2:05","description":"Four more wins for Clinton as her focus shifts to beating Donald Trump.","url":"/WNT/video/hillary-clinton-off-fresh-string-victories-37705447","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}