Hillary Clinton Pneumonia Diagnosis Revealed After Shaky Moment at 9/11 Memorial Event

Clinton campaign says she felt "overheated" so she left to go to her daughter Chelsea's apartment.
5:13 | 09/11/16

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Transcript for Hillary Clinton Pneumonia Diagnosis Revealed After Shaky Moment at 9/11 Memorial Event
And we begin with that breaking news on Hillary Clinton's health we're now learning she's been diagnosed with pneumonia. The issue coming to light at a 9/11 memorial event at ground zero here in New York. Clinton leaving early. The ceremony only half over a moment later this for you shows are wobbling then appearing to fall. Her staff appearing to lift her into our van taking your daughter's apartment. The campaign scene she felt overheated. Than two hours later I'm working with a smile and a wave scene she's much better. But a short time ago a new statement from our doctor seeing Clinton is recovering nicely but revealing for the first time she's been diagnosed pneumonia. Our doctor messer stating why bookstore with ABC Cecilia Vega with the fast moving developments. Tonight that video showing Hillary Clinton leading New York's 9/11 memorial early. We didn't seen stumbling as she loses her footing aides and Secret Service agents surround her. They hold her up and helper into a waiting van and drive her two daughter Chelsea's apartment. But. Late this afternoon new revelations about Clinton's health. Her doctor saying she was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday quote she was put on antibiotics and advised to rest and modify her schedule. At that ceremony Clinton became overheated and dehydrated. Two hours after that episode at the memorial. Clinton scene outside daughter Chelsea's home. Where she greeted a young girl and avoided questions about exactly what happened. Clinton wearing those same sunglasses during the morning ceremony she had been scheduled to attend the entire service. Instead she stayed for about an hour and then that episode. At Chelsea's apartment aides say Clinton played with her grandchildren. And tonight the 68 year old democratic nominee is back home in Chappaqua. This is not Clinton's first health scare in 2012 she fainted at home and hit her head suffering a concussion. At the time her age and State Department staffers downplayed the severity of the injury it turns out Clinton had double vision and wore special glasses. It took her six months to make a full recovery. As for a Labor Day coughing fit Clinton blaming it on allergies. But the doctor now says any exam because of that cough led to the pneumonia diagnosis. Everett to have a thing about drop my allergic. On the campaign trail Donald Trump turning Clinton's health into a recurring attack line. He doesn't have the strength or the stamina and you know our. We can be nice and politically correct that we kids it. As we don't have the time anymore folks and Clinton rushing off those attacks. And that concerned about. The conspiracy theories. There are so many of them I've lost track of them. And to Syria joins us live now Ceglia so many questions still about Clinton's health. But her campaign has not released her medical records in light of today will then. Welts on her campaign has been tight lipped about so much today they are not saying whether they will release her full medical records. But for that matter Donald Trump has not yet released his either Clinton. Did have a big campaign swing to California planned for tomorrow Tom that that trip is now very much in question. Cecilia Vega covering every angle this story Cecilia thank you. ABC's chief health and medical editor doctor Richard bastards here. Doctor that's what you can borrow from taking a close look at that video outside the 9/11 memorial but also the video outside chills his apartment. That's so in that first video you see Secretary Clinton being helped into the van by several people repeat come off the ground she doesn't appear to be able to walk on her own. That can be caused by many things but as a doctor what I find reassuring is that two hours later she was able to go outside and greet people. Hillary Clinton is 68 how serious is pneumonia for someone her age well pneumonia can be very serious some forms there or are quite ill and inland someone in the hospital others are mild. And some are even contagious it is quite relevant to what happened today at the memorial but he clearly hasn't been enough to keep brought the campaigned for a doctor investor thank you. That is at this morning wasn't her first stumbled this weekend she was already on defense after referring to half of trump supporters as quote a basket of the portables. And our latest poll shows the race is tightening. 46 to 41 against Donald Trump but that's tie within the larger bear ABC cheap political analyst Matt Dowd joins me now in Matt. Whatever her recovery what will the political damage. We'll weren't you say we're time weren't very close race nationally in all the electoral key electoral states it's very close to me right now it's a good news bad news situation for Hillary Clinton. The good news is the basket a deplorable thing is in the rearview mirror the bad news is this is a pothole that's opened up. And the problem for her feeds two story lines of Donald Trump one about her health. Does she have the stamina it feeds that storyline but secondly it feeds the story line is she transparent he is she open. The only way to fix this problem is light is their best disinfectant is to be more transparent. But we have seen two candidates not be very transparent in the course of this race Matt doubt press tonight Matt thank you for that analysis.

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{"duration":"5:13","description":"Clinton campaign says she felt \"overheated\" so she left to go to her daughter Chelsea's apartment. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"42020934","title":"Hillary Clinton Pneumonia Diagnosis Revealed After Shaky Moment at 9/11 Memorial Event","url":"/WNT/video/hillary-clinton-pneumonia-diagnosis-revealed-shaky-moment-911-42020934"}