Hillary Clinton's Email Investigation Distraction

Democratic presidential candidate welcomes GOP meltdown as it draws attention away from her private email investigation.
1:43 | 03/04/16

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Transcript for Hillary Clinton's Email Investigation Distraction
Evening many asking is the winner after that Republican debate. Hillary Clinton candidates on that states spend more time attacking Donald Trump that her but the Clinton team made it clear they were watching here's ABC's Jonathan Karl. Here are not. Like I'm talking about as actively got uglier and uglier Hillary Clinton's team took to Twitter. Mocking the GOP meltdown using images from her face off against Republicans in congress and this how many more of these do we have to sit through. Asking for a friend. A Republican presidential I don't know what to call and I guess debate. There are so many insults flying back and forth it was hard to keep track. But what's in the sixth grade recess flight. And noon. I know what to make an appeal last run I just was speechless. Well some Democrats are happy that GOP spectacle is drawn attention away from Clinton's email controversy there's also cause for concern. Just look at Super Tuesday a record eight and a half million Republicans turned out to vote. Compared to fewer than six million Democrats I had not started on Hillary yet believe me. Yeah. I Clinton's advisors privately acknowledged trump could be tough to beat. And Jon Karl with a slot tonight John right now the Clinton Campaign telling you they're prepared to go one on one with trump. David the Clinton team is proceeding with the assumption that Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee and while they see him as a deeply flawed candidate. We've lots of areas of vulnerability. They believe that he could be a much more formidable candidate and a general election much harder to beat in the polls suggest Jon Karl live in the nation's capital tonight John thing.

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{"id":37414787,"title":"Hillary Clinton's Email Investigation Distraction","duration":"1:43","description":"Democratic presidential candidate welcomes GOP meltdown as it draws attention away from her private email investigation.","url":"/WNT/video/hillary-clintons-email-investigation-distraction-37414787","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}