Hillary Clinton's Health Questioned by Karl Rove

Hillary and Bill Clinton deny reports that former secretary of state is hiding the extent of her health issues.
1:48 | 05/14/14

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Transcript for Hillary Clinton's Health Questioned by Karl Rove
Kind of point counterpoint today about former secretary of state Hillary Clinton and an insinuation by a Republican about her health. Today her husband the former president fired back -- Republican power player Karl Rove. And ABC's chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl tells us about it. Hillary Clinton was all smiles today. Totally ignoring her political opponents and leaving it to her husband to take on Republican strategist Karl Rove. Who which suggested mrs. Clinton may have a serious brain injury. Now they -- she's really got brain damaged. -- English does an out -- really don't say because she's still quicker than I -- Rove is accused mrs. Clinton of hiding the extent to for health troubles. I didn't say she had brain damage she had a serious health episode this will be an issue in the 20s16 race and whether she likes it or not this much is not in dispute. Mrs. Clinton was not seen in public for nearly a month the secretary of state beginning in December 2012. Which he suffered from a virus a -- caution caused by a fall and they blood clot. At that time the Clinton team downplayed her condition she is still under the -- she does not have a public schedule today and they did not reveal she suffered from a concussion until days after it happened when she returned to work she wore special classes to deal -- double vision. And she acknowledged she -- not fully recovered yet you know I still have some lingering effects but you know the doctors tell me that that alone received -- now Hillary Clinton spokesman says she is 100% recovered 100% healthy. And she's about to be out in public any big way Diane she -- -- new book coming out next month. You can expect a national book tour that will look a lot like a grueling presidential campaign is all right thank you so much John great to have you here in -- -- New York tonight.

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{"id":23724117,"title":"Hillary Clinton's Health Questioned by Karl Rove","duration":"1:48","description":"Hillary and Bill Clinton deny reports that former secretary of state is hiding the extent of her health issues.","url":"/WNT/video/hillary-clintons-health-questioned-karl-rove-23724117","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}