Historic Flash Floods Cripple Towns in Northeast

Massive flooding causes rescuers to push stranded cars out of the flood zone.
4:21 | 08/13/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Historic Flash Floods Cripple Towns in Northeast
We begin with the deadly flash flooding, and the states of emergency still up tonight. Massive flooding hitting so fast, drivers were trapped today. These images from Long Island, New York highways halted when the roads quickly vanished underwater. Rescuers joining forces to push stranded cars out of the flood zone. In Maryland, a similar scene tonight. This submerged car taking on water, the road completely overtaken by flooding there. Highways around Baltimore shut down. And it's not just the east tonight in Phoenix, let's take a close look at that. The driver jumping from a car to a fire truck, to escape the rushing waters there. The weather wall show its all. The massive system that moved up the east coast, and quickly in the last 24 hours, and tonight, it is still hitting. Meteorologist ginger zee with what to expect. First gio Benitez leads our coverage on Long Island, where a massive sink hole opened, part of the mess from the storm. Gio. Reporter: Good evening to you. This is not what you expect to see at your local strip mall. A sink hole opening up after extreme flooding here, so many people across this nation feeling mother nature's fury. Flash flood chaos across the northeast. Watch in Rhode Island firefighters had to rescue this driver, after water inundated his car. In New York, a state of emergency, 13 inches of rain, in just hours. Setting a new record for the entire state. So stormy, the weather caused a tractor trailer to hit and kill a driver. Here on Long Island, the flood waters so intense, that cars were actually floating, take a look at this one here. The water picked this car up, and then slammed it against that railing. The house behind that railing, flooded, too. Cars in the cul-de-sac. A total loss. My house is like on long Island right now. I have water around the house. Reporter: In babylon, new York even the fire chief is pumping out three feet of water from his basement. This has never been this high not even during sandy. Reporter: In Michigan, highways turn to rivers, some major roadways were still closed, caked with mud. In Maryland, heavy rains completely flooded, at least one long term parking lot at bwi airport in Baltimore. In North Carolina, flooding, power outages, downed trees, and water rescues, after severe storms. Flash flooding wreaking havoc in the west, too. In Phoenix, watch, a man trapped on the roof of his car. Firefighters on the scene, as the rushing water was about to wash it away. Oh no. Reporter: Seconds to spare, he has only one choice, a leap of faith. Jumping toward the truck, and to safety. The system flooding the east got its start in the midwest, and here is what it did to good samaritan hospital in Nebraska, images coming out tonight, the hospital's dining room flooded after nine feet of water crashed through the windows. Thankfully, no one was hurt. Back here on Long Island, as that sink hole keeps growing, workers here trying to fill it. They and so many others here are going to be cleaning up for quite some time, David. Gio Benitez starting us off. I want to get to meteorologist ginger zee tracking this for a couple days. This is not over yet. No. Still New Hampshire and Maine feeling the brunt of it. What was happening, look at this map, accumulated rainfall, how much rain fell from a radar estimate? Southern New Jersey, central, six to eight. But let's get in closer. Right there in central long Island, see 13.27 inches, that's Islip. Five miles away, 1 to 2. How does that happen? Well, let me go through the radar. This is from early this morning from midnight on. See the Orange and red? Heavy radar rains. Slipping right over the central parts of Long Island. We see it again and see what was causing it. It's that low pressure system, rotating kind of clockwise, all the moisture transport, low level jet in full effect. This was relatively slow moving. All of that combining for a mess. It explains why neighborhoods a few miles away didn't get any of it. In the meantime west coast tonight is dealing with flooding. Right. In the west, we have flash flood watches, you see them here in that aqua color. They are also along that cold front worried about the red flag warnings, see gusty winds, lightning, and of course nothing that helps those fires. Meteorologist ginger zee, see you tomorrow morning on gma.

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{"id":24971682,"title":"Historic Flash Floods Cripple Towns in Northeast","duration":"4:21","description":"Massive flooding causes rescuers to push stranded cars out of the flood zone.","url":"/WNT/video/historic-flash-floods-cripple-towns-northwest-24971682","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}