Holiday Bargains Day After Christmas Celebration

ABC News' John Schriffen has the shopping deals you must know for after the holiday season.
2:09 | 12/24/12

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Transcript for Holiday Bargains Day After Christmas Celebration
what an estimated 17 million did today. Navigating lines at the mall. Tonight, retailers are going all out. However, if you really want a deal, check out what's coming on the day after christmas. Here's abc's john schriffen. Reporter: With just hours before santa comes down the chimney, shoppers spent the day in a mad dash to pick up those last few items on their list. What do you want for christmas? A lot of things. Reporter: A lot? You hear that? We spent the day with some of those 17 million americans -- 9% of shoppers -- who consumer reports say hit the stores today. What has it been like dealing with the crowds? Busy. A little bit overwhelming. Reporter: Stores have been selling nonstop. Toys "r" us in times square opened more than 500 consecutive hours. Macy's for two days straight. But experts say if you really want the best deals, shop the day after christmas. Already, we were finding stores rolling out the big deals. From amazon, a 46-inch tv, marked down 55% off, for $338. From best buy, a nikon digital camera, 50% off for $129.99. From bloomingdales, this cashmere sweater was $170, now $89.99. We've seen up to 50% off on selected categories. And on key items, look for 75% to 80% off on some of these items. Reporter: So, you're okay not getting the gift on christmas? Yes. Reporter: In fact, because retailers will be so desperate to get rid of excess merchandise after the holiday, some are now making it a tradition out of SHOPPING ON DECEMBER 26th. Return the things that we didn't like -- and I buy what I want. Reporter: If you are planning on shopping the day after christmas, experts say the most discounted items, electronics and winter clothing. Most retailers won't release their specific deals until tomorrow. Dan? John schriffen, thank you. And coming up, in the "instant index," the police

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{"id":18058782,"title":"Holiday Bargains Day After Christmas Celebration","duration":"2:09","description":"ABC News' John Schriffen has the shopping deals you must know for after the holiday season.","url":"/WNT/video/holiday-bargains-day-christmas-celebration-18058782","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}