Honoring Veterans Day

David Muir salutes our American heroes.
2:41 | 11/12/14

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Transcript for Honoring Veterans Day
And finally tonight on this veterans day, we salute our heroes, our veterans. The surprising this evening, from Iowa to Alabama. And what we discovered today, right along the parade route. They've made us proud, and they've made us America strong. Perhaps you saw that moment. Sergeant John varath arriving home. He'd only seen a picture of his newborn. Mom not expecting to see dad for months. But his commander gave him permission. Oh, my gosh. Look at her. After his 11-hour trip, he got home even before his baby girl Charlotte even left the hospital. From Iowa to Alabama tonight, another surprise. Behind that giant flag -- Pull back that flag! ? Sweet home Alabama ? Sweet home Alabama. Ben Tomlinson, 26, shot in the neck in Afghanistan, rolling through the door of his new home. Showing us the stove he can raise and lower. It's really overwhelming. It's humbling to know there's that many people around me that just want to help out. He told us they've given him more than a home. They given him Independence. Here in New York, we went to the parade today, the flag, our troops, marching up 5th avenue. Right there, corporate frank Milano, who told us it was an honor to meet us, and we told him it was the other way around. It's an honor for me to meet you. Thank you. He remembers normandy. He was a radio man in world war ii. Do you remember what it was like? Yes. Frightening. Frightening. He showed me his book. Wow, there you are. Young frank, huh? $6 a month. $6 a month. There were so many other veterans. Ricardo Saunders, who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, here to thank the older veterans, because without them -- I wouldn't have been able to do my job, you know? So hopefully I'm paving the way. Nice to meet you. This entire family here for their dad. He told us he wanted to thank his wife and his children, too. A powerful dale for everybody in the family. Absolutely. Very emotional. Thank you. For what you do, as well. Thank you very much. So many wars represented. Vietnam veterans remembering those who didn't come home. We are here to remember them and we carry the torch for them. You carry the torch for them. Yes. And back to frank, about to turn 93. Also honoring the friends who didn't return. Tonight, we honor them, too. We honor our veterans tonight and every night. Thank you for watching. I'm David Muir. I hope to see you right back here tomorrow night. Have a good evening.

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{"duration":"2:41","description":"David Muir salutes our American heroes. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"26847039","title":"Honoring Veterans Day","url":"/WNT/video/honoring-veterans-day-26847039"}