Hunter Biden doesn’t regret being on board of Ukrainian gas firm

He reportedly made $50,000 a month in the job and said he and his father had not discussed Ukraine until the media reported on Trump’s call with its leader.
4:40 | 10/15/19

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Transcript for Hunter Biden doesn’t regret being on board of Ukrainian gas firm
president trump's escalating attacks on Joe Biden and his son, hunter. So tonight here, the ABC news exclusive, hunter Biden one-on-one with our Amy robach. Hunter Biden insisting he did nothing wrong. There's been no finding of any wrongdoing. But Amy pressed him. Does he regret taking this work overseas, and asking him if his last name wasn't Biden, would he have been hired for those posts? And he begins tonight asking about hunter Biden and his father, the former vice president. Reporter: Did you and your father ever discuss Ukraine? No. As I said, the only time was after a news account. There wasn't a discussion in any way. There's no but to this. No, we never did. Reporter: Your dad said, "I hope you know what you're doing." "I hope you know what you're doing." Reporter: And you said, "I do." And I said, "I do." And that was literally the end of our discussion. Reporter: Hunter Biden reportedly made $50,000 a month to sit on the board of a Ukrainian gas company called burisma. At the time, his father, former vice president Joe Biden, was the Obama administration's point person on Ukraine. What were you your qualifications to be on the board of burisma? Well, I was vice chairman of the board of amtrak for five years. I was the chairman of the board of the U.N. World food program. I was a lawyer for boies Schiller flexner, one of the most prestigious law firms in the world. Reporter: In the list that you gave me of the reasons why you're on that board, you did not list the fact that you were the son of the vice president. Of course. Yeah, no. Reporter: What role do you think that played? I think that it is impossible for me to be on any of the boards that I just mentioned without saying I'm the son of the vice president of the united States. Reporter: If your last name wasn't Biden, do you think you would've been asked to be on the board of burisma? I don't know. I don't know. Probably not. I don't think that there's a lot of things that would have happened in my life that -- if my last name wasn't Biden. Reporter: Do you regret being on the board to begin with? No, I don't regret being on the board. What I regret is not taking into account that there would be a Rudy Giuliani and a president of the United States that would be listening to this -- this ridiculous conspiracy idea, which has, again, been completely debunked by everyone. And, you know -- Reporter: I think people at home are thinking, how could that not have crossed your mind? You wouldn't have felt just a little bit in your gut, like, maybe this suspect a good idea, to go and sit on the board of this Ukrainian company -- Well, I just to you, I just said in retrospect, I wish that my judgment -- Reporter: But at the time, you never thought -- this might not look right. You know what, I'm a human. And you know what? Did I make a mistake? Well, maybe in the grand scheme of things, yeah. But did I make a mistake based upon some ethical lapse? Absolutely not. Reporter: And then, we turned to China. Hunter Biden traveled there with his father in 2013. President trump claims that on that trip, hunter Biden cut a huge deal with a Chinese businessman. The president has repeatedly said that you received $1.5 billion from China despite no experience and for no apparent reason. Hunter. He goes in, he has a meeting he walks out. In his fund, with 1.5 billion. Billion with a "B." $1.5 billion. Reporter: Obviously, fact checkers have said that that is not true. Look, this is literally -- has no basis in fact in any way. Reporter: Have you received any money from -- No. Reporter: A business dealing? No. Reporter: At all? Never. Reporter: One cent? Not one cent. Reporter: Definitely not $1.5 billion? It's crazy. No one ever paid me $1.5 billion, and if they had, I would not be doing this interview right now. Reporter: There is no evidence either Joe or hunter Biden did anything wrong in either China or Ukraine, but there are questions about whether it was appropriate for hunter Biden to sit on the board of a foreign company while his father was vice president. What do you say to people who believe this is exactly why people hate Washington? A vice president's son can make money in countries where your father is doing business. Well, by the way -- I don't know what to tell you. I made a mistake in retrospect as it related to creating any perception that -- that was wrong. And so, therefore, I'm taking it off the table, Amy. I'm making that commitment. Let's see if anybody else makes that commitment, but that's the commitment that I'm making. And Amy robach here with us you're interview making a lot of news all day and we know that hunter Biden said something else to you, what he pledges not to do if his father is elected president. Reporter: That's right, David. He said, quote, I won't serve on any boards or work for any foreign entities when my dad becomes president. This all comes as Joe Biden takes the debate stage along with several other candidates. As you know, David, he is neck and neck with senator Elizabeth Warren, so, a lot at stake tonight. Amy, thank you. We're going to turn to the other news this Tuesday night.

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{"duration":"4:40","description":"He reportedly made $50,000 a month in the job and said he and his father had not discussed Ukraine until the media reported on Trump’s call with its leader.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"66299934","title":"Hunter Biden doesn’t regret being on board of Ukrainian gas firm","url":"/WNT/video/hunter-biden-doesnt-regret-board-ukrainian-gas-firm-66299934"}