Hurricane Iselle and Hurricane Julio Barreling Toward Hawaii

School cancelled and a mad dash to get prepared as store supplies dwindle.
3:02 | 08/06/14

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Transcript for Hurricane Iselle and Hurricane Julio Barreling Toward Hawaii
It's great to have you with us on a Wednesday night. The first hurricane set to hit Hawaii a little more than 24 hours from now. Right behind it a second hurricane that's going to hit next. A one/two punch and they're scrambling tonight. You can see them on the map, hurricane iselle and Julio. More than 700 families expected to get hit, the big island, maui as well. They're already canceling school. This is the scene on the ground right now, the mad dash to the supermarkets there, the race for supplies. For so many this is what they're finding, empty shelves. Tonight a dangerous threat. It's been more than 20 years since a hurricane sit Hawaii and now there are two of them. ABC's meteorologist ginger zee here with us and she's been tracking it all day long. We've got max sustained winds inside, greater than 90. The reason Hawaii's big island is under hurricane warning tonight. Reporter: Our latest view from space -- two hurricanes swirling over the pacific ocean. Their target -- paradise. Just hoping we can get most of our trip in. No plan B just quite yet, so we're working on that. Reporter: People streaming into the airports. Airlines changing flights for free so folks can get out before iselle gets in. Safer to go home so we wouldn't get stuck. This is due to hurricane iselle and Julio. Reporter: Carts full, hawaiians taking the fast seriously. I iselle likely hitting Thursday night into Friday. Julio tailing her, weakening and turning north away from the islands. So how often does this turn into this? Only two hurricanes have made land fall in Hawaii since 1949. Dot in 1959 and iniki in 1992, both making land fall in kawhi, the western most island. Iselle and Julio are approaching from the east. Before this only one unnamed tropical storm in 1958 made land fall across that similar line. Ginger is tracking the warnings and watches tonight. I like to remind people, warning means it's going to happen. Then the tropical storm warning, still something to note because you of course have rough surf and even a tropical storm watch around Honolulu. Rain going to be a big issue. Mudslides possible. The wind could reach up to 70 miles per hour. While we have you, those pictures we showed last night on "World news" near Las Vegas, a car right there, a woman trapped ins inside. She was okay. There's been flash floods around hide hoe, rapid city. Now we're watching the south and east along the stationary front. You can see two to three inches widespread. Some spots could get more than four. We'll see you tomorrow on "Gma." We turn to the growing ebola fears, new and frightening

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{"duration":"3:02","description":"School cancelled and a mad dash to get prepared as store supplies dwindle.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"24873653","title":"Hurricane Iselle and Hurricane Julio Barreling Toward Hawaii","url":"/WNT/video/hurricane-iselle-hurricane-julio-barreling-hawaii-24873653"}