'Ice Bucket Challenge' Sweeps America

A look at the couple behind the 'Ice Bucket Challenge' phenomena to raise money for ALS.
2:29 | 08/15/14

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Transcript for 'Ice Bucket Challenge' Sweeps America
And funerally tonight, our persons of the week. Awe of the brave als patients struggling with Lou Garrett's disease. Their message and fight tonight. The movement. What happens when your colleague gives you a challenge for a good cause. You're all in and soon all wet. Reporter: It doesn't take a rocket scientist. Or maybe it does. Bill Gates getting in on it and taking the ice bucket challenge. We showed you earlier this week the Kennedy clan. All the way down the line toe toethle. Helping her with the bucket of ice. From music to movies. The Hollywood heart throb from the fault in our stars. Oh, my good! Reporter: To Justin timb timberla Timberlake. And who helped fuel it all. Keith Brady and his wife. We're trying to use this momentum to get the word out. Reporter: Als robbed Pete of his ability to walk and talk. He was a star on the field. That's grand slam home run from peter franise. Reporter: Tonight the message on his computer. To all who participated, I say thanks. I'm so honored and humbled. He was about to get help from our team, too. A familiar face, Michael Strahan with a challenge for us. Ah! I challenge my "Gma" team. Yes every one of you. Freeze it. Reporter: This morning, live TV, the ice storm, even ginger zee couldn't see coming. Lara was next. Right down the line. Ron Claiborne, it's coming. Everyone on the team and the new Jersey firefighters give a nice little surprise for me. Escaping the cold, but turning around just in time for one more. Last but not least, our Amy robach. In New York's central park live on "Gma," careful what you say. Making a donation and hoping folks at home will raise money and awareness, too. The new tally coming in from the als association right now, $9.7 million and counting.

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{"id":25004386,"title":"'Ice Bucket Challenge' Sweeps America","duration":"2:29","description":"A look at the couple behind the 'Ice Bucket Challenge' phenomena to raise money for ALS.","url":"/WNT/video/ice-bucket-challenge-sweeps-america-25004386","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}