Ice Storm Leaves Some Americans Without Power

Ginger Zee tracks the latest weather news throughout the country.
3:00 | 12/26/13

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Transcript for Ice Storm Leaves Some Americans Without Power
this christmas, the weather. Thousands of families eating dinner in the dark and the power still out after a deadly ice storm, a man using a flashlight to find his mailbox in maine, completely in the dark. Power outages from michigan to maine, more than two dozen are died in the storm. The next one hitting before new year's. First the pileup on the pennsylvania turnpike. Here's abc's ginger zee. Reporter: It was a white day after christmas and a snowy nightmare in pennsylvania shutting down parts of the turnpike for 8 hours, 35 cars piling up on the slick roads, injuring 9 people. That fresh coat of snow also dusting the five day old ice. This is probably the worst time of year to have this happen. Reporter: It was a frozen, dark christmas from michigan to toronto to maine as more than 20,000 homes are still without power tonight including janice arnold from michigan on day five now without power. A tough christmas, huh? We have a generator now in the beginning that was a little rough. Reporter: Crews working overtime, straight through the holiday to save folks from the extreme cold. My kids are at home in a warm playing play station and xbox are these kids are just trying to stay warm. Reporter: The lack of power, including using generators inside which you shouldn't do, has led to at least five deaths from carbon monoxide poisoning often called the silent killer because you can't see or smell it. Carbon monoxide kills more than 400 people each year, symptoms of exposure include headache, dizziness, weakness and confusion. Meanwhile in southern california, santa ana winds and record high temperatures, this brush fire is now 80% contained. Ginger with us now. For janice any word when she and thousands of others will get power back? She's been told that saturday will be the day she gets her power back. That makes it a full week. We're pulling for them. You told us of another system brewing for new year's plans. There will be a slight warmup. That's my only good news. The warmer air comes up in front of a storm. I want to show you where that storm is going to move. From the southeast it will all be rain. This is saturday night so atlanta may be impacted there, parts of the atlantic into early sunday morning. As it goes up into new england and parts of new york, new jersey, connecticut, all of us here, there will be a rain snow mix. In the higher elevations not good for sunday travel. Deja vu. Ginger, we'll see you on "gma." Late word of on avalanche near jackson hole, avalanches hitting earlier than ever. A man saving his brother's life right there, that brother buried in deep powder.

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{"id":21343225,"title":"Ice Storm Leaves Some Americans Without Power","duration":"3:00","description":"Ginger Zee tracks the latest weather news throughout the country.","url":"/WNT/video/ice-storm-leaves-americans-power-21343225","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}