Icy Blast Across Midwest

A massive ice storm is on the move from the Midwest towards the mid-Atlantic region.
1:54 | 01/27/13

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Transcript for Icy Blast Across Midwest
Massive weather system and ice storm on the move from the midwest. Right into the mid Atlantic the -- glazing cars like these in Ames Iowa. This firefighter taking part in an ice rescue drill in Brighton Illinois and tonight that freezing rain. Is moving eastward and quickly ABC -- year old -- -- Jersey tonight on what could be a dangerous Monday morning commute. Icing on a very cold winter -- Parts of the midwest are slipping and sliding through their Sunday from the treacherous roads in Minnesota to difficult -- since -- -- her -- I think he's Iowa it was a quarter inch of crimes. Freezing rain glazed car doors shut and the ice -- ranches and varies from Iowa to southeast Minnesota. But we find KAAL meteorologist Justin Thompson. This -- really laying -- a lot of these branches where they have -- -- coordinates on that really weighing them down we could see power outages tonight. The price is not going to let up until later tonight. And -- hear that that's -- covering the ground in northern Illinois. There was so much ice you couldn't see through these windows and clouds in Illinois were out in full force at least 300 flights are canceled. And by tomorrow all that ice so worthy of an instant Graham will melt away makes for a pretty picture but not a pretty morning commute where the system tonight where is it -- tomorrow. It's just leaving Chicago -- parts of Michigan still Wisconsin and it moves east here's the map I want to show you the purple is the area where you'll see that up to quarter inch of -- of -- -- the problematic areas. Wrongly included in there DC and then by the time it's new York and Boston it's -- -- snow event remember that after tomorrow. Tuesday into Wednesday we have another big system to talk about a lot of warmth and moisture going to make for a mild start -- the week on the East Coast oh boy cold air behind it. A big time severe weather threat from Saint Louis to Memphis Little Rock included on Tuesday. -- Wednesday DC to Montgomery right there watching that this week to museum thanks to you tonight.

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{"id":18331073,"title":"Icy Blast Across Midwest","duration":"1:54","description":"A massive ice storm is on the move from the Midwest towards the mid-Atlantic region.","url":"/WNT/video/icy-blast-midwest-18331073","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}