New Images Reveal Moment of Impact During Asiana Jet Crash

The burned out shell of Boeing 777 lies on runway following crash in San Francisco.
6:19 | 07/07/13

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Transcript for New Images Reveal Moment of Impact During Asiana Jet Crash
And good evening. Thanks for joining us here on a sunday evening as we come you to from california tonight. We begin here right across the bay from san francisco international airport. In fact, over my shoulder here, you can see the burned out fuselage. We're going to take a live picture right now, even closer view of asiana airlines flight 214. We now know that flight left two people dead after crash-landing here in san francisco. Many others are fighting for their lives. Tonight, there are also new images capturing the exact moment of impact. The plane coming in so low, then after skidding, appearing to cartwheel, the nose up in the air before slamming back to the ground. The plane catching fire, driving everyone on board into the field right beside it. One of the survivors taking this photo as the stunned passengers watched the plane burn. The first look tonight inside, showing the mangled seats, the overhead bins open, the twisted doorway. And tonight, this heartbreaking image. The parents of one of the two 16-year-old girls that died in the crash, learning of their loss back home in china. This evening, the search for answers under way. The flight recorders, those black boxes, rushed back to the ntsb lab in washington. And here's where things stand right now. Of the 291 passengers and 16 crew members on board that flight from south korea, two passengers, both 16-year-old girls from china, are the dead. 182 people injured, and tonight, 51 are still hospitalized. We are told eight of them in critical condition, including a child. Their lives, forever changed by this. We have team coverage tonight from all across the bay area, right back to washington. And we're going to begin here with the moment by moment details of how this disaster unfolded. Tonight, the aerial view of the boeing 777. The charred jumbo jet as it sits off the runway after crashing while coming in for landing at san francisco's airport. The fuselage, nothing but a giant burned-out crater now. Most of the roof gone. The nightmare began to unfold in the final seconds of asiana airlines flight 214 as it approached that runway. It was before noon, 11:27 pacific time saturday, when that flight and the pilots were on their final approach. Witnesses telling us it hit the ground with tremendous force. The tail hitting first, just feet from the runway, scattering degree before coming to rest on its belly,oughly 80 feet from the runway. It seemed to be arriving perfectly. And then all of a sudden, it tilted up to, like, 70 degrees and it landed on its tail. Made an impact and then it slammed into the runway and then it sort of tilted, it bounced up and tilted. Seemed like it did sort of a somersault. It crashed with a thump, a real loud, like, smash to the concrete. It was unnerving to see that. Reporter: So many who saw that crash-landing echoing one another. Saying the tail hit first. I saw it come in, the tail was very low. And when it hit, sparks flew. So, the tail hit. The flames came out and started to cartwheel and then it looked like -- I couldn't tell if it slid or not and then all of a sudden, it was in flames. Reporter: Tonight, a clearer portrait of the wreckage. Where that tail ended up. Sheared off and sitting on the runway. 2,000 feet of debris. Further back, the landing gear. And at the gunning of the runway, near the sea wall, the hor sontal and vertical stabilizers ripped off the plane. So crucial to helping that jet land safely. With seconds to spare, the air traffic controllers here knew that the hundreds of passengers and crew on that jet were in trouble. 214 heavy, emergency vehicles are responding. Reporter:11:35 pacific time, just minutes after flight 214 began that final approach, it had crashed. Rescue crews now racing to the runway. They arrived to find the chutes already deployed. Many of the passengers with life threatening injuries, compressed spines from the sheer force of the impact. Many of the passengers jumping before the chutes could even inflate. Some of those chutes torn off with the impact. Eyewitnesses watching it unfold. Oh, my god! Oh, my god! We just saw a plane crash! Reporter: Police officers on the ground threw utility knives up to the plane's crew so they could cut through the seat belts of those that remained trapped. Late today, we were out on san francisco bay, the closest view yet of the wreckage, with one of the survivors, benjamin levy. You won't forget what seat you were in. No, I won't. 30-k. Reporter: Close next to the exit? The seat next to the door. Reporter: He told me in the final seconds, it seemed like the pilot was trying to take off again. As you were coming in over the water here in the bay, you said it felt like the pilot was trying to take off all over again? Well, yeah. We were literally about to land. Everyone was sitting in their seats. We were, like, seconds from touchdown. As we approach touchdown, the guy put full throttle on the engine because he probably realized he was too low. It was too late. Water start splashing everywhere. Reporter: In fact, ben telling me there was a false sense of security afterward. Passengers were grabbing their bag, because they had no idea that fire was about to break out. This passenger, his arm in a sling, as he left the hospital, can't get that sound out of his mind. The moment it touched the runway there was a bang, and we realized, something has gone wrong. Something terrible has happened. Reporter: Silence before they all realized they were still alive. And those flight attendants, the heroes trained to get the passengers off. The first 90 seconds so crucial. This image tonight showing the billowing smoke. And as you move in, you can see the passenger windows there, the fire raging inside that cabin. All of the passengers had escaped. I saw the flight attendant, one of the flight attendants stuck in between the inflated slide and the wall of the plane. And the other side, a little tiny, you know, I mean, girl, the flight attendant, she was basically organizing emergency exit and preparing evacuation and helping everyone. So calmly and professionally, of course. She was crying, she was in tears all over, but -- she was carrying, you know, helping, like, a big man, twice big as her, and trying to get him out of the plane and helping other people and other crews, as well. She was amazing.

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{"id":19601569,"title":"New Images Reveal Moment of Impact During Asiana Jet Crash","duration":"6:19","description":"The burned out shell of Boeing 777 lies on runway following crash in San Francisco.","url":"/WNT/video/images-reveal-moment-impact-asiana-jet-crash-19601569","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}