Impeachment showdown to wrap up after long and winding process

The Senate will take the final vote on impeachment next Wednesday.
1:58 | 02/02/20

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Transcript for Impeachment showdown to wrap up after long and winding process
Next to the impeachmt showdown. The long and winding price expected to wrap up next Wednesday on the floor of the see with a final vote. ABC's David Wright has more from west palm beach, Florida. Reporr: As president trump prepares to drs a joint session of congress for the third time, he's taking at least some time ren Florida to relax. Getting a little exercise, he tweeted today, along with this photo. Trump allies are out gloating on Fox News. It was a bunch of partisan In the house. It continued in the senate. It's gonna end Wednesday. The present's gonna get acquitted, and it's gonna blow up in their face. Reporter: But white house officials refuse to say if the president plans to mention impeachment in his speech as he does routinely. The world is watching. Crazy Nancy. Shs crazy. Reporter: The difference Tuesday, speaker Nancy Pelosi will be standing right there behind him. And 100 members of the audience are scheduled to vote the very next day on the final verdict. Impeachment will be hard to ignore and awkward to acknowledge. Test of decorum for all sides. La yr, speaker Pelosi appeared to troll trumwi flamboyantly sarcastic applause. Last night, during a recess on the senate floor, senator Ted Cruz did that gesture again. Trump is just the second U.S. President in history to deliver a state of the union I E midst of impeachment. Bill Clinton was first. The state of our union is strong. Reporter: Not oe did he address the elephant in the room. So what will trump do? A senior administration source told reporters Friday, the pridt ll lay out a vision relentless optimism. The imachment saga is not quite finished, but it is winding do on Monday, T senators gave their closing arments. Then on wednesda T final Tom?

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{"duration":"1:58","description":"The Senate will take the final vote on impeachment next Wednesday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"68696739","title":"Impeachment showdown to wrap up after long and winding process","url":"/WNT/video/impeachment-showdown-wrap-long-winding-process-68696739"}