More Infants Diagnosed With Measles

Experts widely support vaccinations that could provide protection against the measles outbreak.
2:15 | 02/05/15

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Transcript for More Infants Diagnosed With Measles
Now, to a troubling new development in the meezles outbreak. Tonight, several babies now diagnosed with measles, infants from the same day care center in Chicago. And tonight, a powerful voice, the group autism speaks, now weighing in, saying, get the vaccine for your children. Here's ABC's Brandi Hitt. Reporter: Tonight, the new measles hot spot, this Illinois day care center. Five babies diagnosed with measles, possibly more exposed. Too young to get the vaccine. Nine to ten individuals who we've asked to remain at home. Reporter: This comes after another day care scare in Santa Monica, California, where 14 babies are now in quarantine. The growing concern leading California lawmakers to propose legislation that would eliminate the personal beliefs chemical shun for parents that refuse to vaccinate their children. 19 states allow parents to opt out of vaccinations for philosophical reasons. In Illinois, nearly 95% of kindergartners get the vaccine. The same as the U.S. Average. The lowest vaccination rate, in Colorado, where parents can opt out. The highest? In Mississippi, with some of the strictest laws in the nation. Today, one autism advocacy group weighing in, saying, vaccines do not cause autism. We urge that all children be fully vaccinated. I think it should be up to a parents choice to decide what's best for your kid. Reporter: This mom fully immunized her 7-year-old, but holding out with 6-month-old Evan. Do you feel you're putting other people at risk. No, I don't believe that I'm putting others at risk. Reporter: Tonight, parents at this Illinois day care center might disagree. Brandi Hitt, ABC news, los Angeles. Brandi, thank you. Dr. Besser, when you hear infants, everyone wants to know, will the bay bills be okay? Reporter: Most recover. You heard from autism speaks today. They've been looking for the root cause of autism. A very popular group. A needed group. But the fact they came out today, that's significant? Reporter: This is really big. They're one of the major organizations that supports children with autism, their families, support research. For them to say, the question is over, vaccines don't cause autism, that's a big step, very helpful. Dr. Richard Besser tonight. Thank you.

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{"id":28764245,"title":"More Infants Diagnosed With Measles","duration":"2:15","description":"Experts widely support vaccinations that could provide protection against the measles outbreak.","url":"/WNT/video/infants-diagnosed-measles-28764245","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}