Ingenious Ways to Real Money: Cash in on Christmas Gift Returns

ABC's Paula Faris with tips for putting cash back in your wallet after holiday shopping season.
3:33 | 01/07/13

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Transcript for Ingenious Ways to Real Money: Cash in on Christmas Gift Returns
Tonight, "world news" is back on the trail of finding you ingenius ways to put real money dinner and the eggnog, 20% of us return at least one christmas gift. That's more than $62 billion in unwanted presents. Abc's paula faris has found a way you can use that to your advantage, and it is real money. My daughter got t Repr: If you're one of the millions that returned a gift this holiday season, it most likely ends up here. Vacuum cleaner. Legos. Really good stuff. The real island of misfit toys. We found out that once an electronic item has been opened, the big retailer can't put it back on the shelf. So, they sell here. For those of us that didn't like the gifts that santa got us for the holidays, are they going to end up here? Yes, if it's out of the box. We inspect it and grade it. Reporter: Because they're a clearinghouse, they can sell at discounts up to 80%. Santa may want to shop here. Jamie and jordan are looking for a bargain. Hi, I'm paula. They are parents to madeleine, jack, caleb and sweet little hattie. Now, you need some money to buy something for yourselves, right? Absolutely. Reporter: Money that will help them buy this new camera that's as fast as their family. But we need to find them real money first. Joanna stern, our savvy saver, items us where to start. Did you know you could get cash for old kids clothes? Thread up will give you dough for gently used duds. They send you the bag. All you have to do is load it up. 6.95. Woo-hoo. Reporter: Over $40 right now. And look. Two bags. And an empty basket. All that's left to do is drop it by the door. Santa may have gotten the kids new clothe, but mom and dad got $80 for their old ones. Tip number two, go drawer digging for hidden treasure. We have a blackberry. Reporter: We can trade them in on amazon and nextworth.Com. 60 in the drawer. Reporter: Two rooms down, $218 and we keep digging. Tip three. There's even more bang for the buck in unwanted gift cards. We have barnes & noble gift cards. Reporter: Gift granny will give us $46 for this $50 amazon gift card. Is uncle ryan going to be upset that we're selling his gift card? He might be. Poor uncle ryan. Reporter: What about getting what you really wanted all along? Shop wholesalers. That's where we found the cohen's camera for a fraction of the retail price. We got enough money to get your new camera, your sony cybershot all in all, $375 and a family album full of memories. That's real money! Reporter: And as for those gift cards, rougly $6 billion worth go unused annually. And the majority of the time, that money is funneled back directly to the retailer. Diane? And the names of all those websites will be online if you want to check it out. And you said they had money leftover? Reporter: Yes, the money we saved them, $375. They bought the camera and had $225 to spare. Date night for mom and dad. Very nice. They earned it. Thank you, paula.

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{"id":18156356,"title":"Ingenious Ways to Real Money: Cash in on Christmas Gift Returns","duration":"3:33","description":"ABC's Paula Faris with tips for putting cash back in your wallet after holiday shopping season.","url":"/WNT/video/ingenious-ways-real-money-cash-christmas-gift-returns-18156356","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}