Inside Iran: Nuclear Discovery

Iran announces significant deposits of uranium and has identified sites for nuclear power stations.
3:47 | 02/23/13

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Transcript for Inside Iran: Nuclear Discovery
And now to iran, a country that made a bold announcement with just days to go before critical nuclear talks, iran said it found significant new deposits of raw uranium. With usa team on the way to those negotiations the state department say iing they still believe there's still a diplomatic solution to have. David muir is inside that secretive country in a crucial time. David? Reporter: Dan, good evening. The iranians we talked with, said, they hoped for a break in the impasse. Hopefully, the young people. And what they would say to president obama. Iranian government allowing us into tehran. Just three days now until those crucial talks. As we explored the city all this week, we have been struck by the young voices here, walking past a school, we noticed that the students are speaking english, we entered the schoolyard where they take lessons, this mother told us, her son will need english when she grew up. But we wondered if she thinks it would be any different. Do you hope for your son a better relationship between iran and america? She tells me "god willing, that will happen." As classes let out, they swarm our cameras. from america. Do you think iran and america will get along? Maybe. Maybe. Maybe. Reporter: Do you hope for it? Yes. Yes. Reporter: How would you describe america in one word? Very good country. Reporter: Very good country. Powerful. Reporter: Powerful. They're young, but this boy is not naive. He tells me that he's aware of the economic sanctions. Led by the u.S. Under pressure of -- Reporter: You're feeling the economic pressure? Yes. Reporter: And it's not just the young boys here who shared their opinions, as we traveled through the markets there was this mother who turned to her daughter to speak for both of them. The pressure is on the people. Reporter: The people of iran? The families of iran. Yeah. Reporter: When we heard "welcome to iran" too many times to count. We could hear the music through his headphones. Enrique iglesias here in iran. Which brings us back to that school that had so many questions for me. Do I see "american idol"? Have you seen american idol? Yes. Reporter: Who's your favorite contestant on "american idol"? Jennifer lopez. Reporter: She's a judge. Amidst the laughter, they know that our countries haven't gotten along. What would you say to president obama? Be friendly with iran. Reporter: And from the father waiting to pick up his son, a different view. All of these young boys want iran to be friends with america one day, does that surprise you? No, it doesn't. Reporter: You don't? Do you think it's a generational difference? Yes, yes. Reporter: Which is likely why it was only the children who asked for pictures as we left. Abc is blocked on the internet here. Thank you, guys. Thank you. Have a good night. And we traveled the world, no surprise it's often the children with the most optimistic view. Early next week, there will be six nations at one table and the children here that we met waiting to see if there will be any chance for a different future for them.

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{"id":18577583,"title":"Inside Iran: Nuclear Discovery","duration":"3:47","description":"Iran announces significant deposits of uranium and has identified sites for nuclear power stations.","url":"/WNT/video/inside-iran-nuclear-discovery-18577583","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}