Interstates shut down as blizzard pummels the Heartland

More than 500 flights were canceled and four runways were closed at the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport.
2:26 | 01/23/18

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Transcript for Interstates shut down as blizzard pummels the Heartland
on now, to that other major winter storm on the move tonight. Alerts up from Minnesota all the way to the northeast, we're following this, as well. Blizzard conditions in the heartland, cars stuck in deep snow in Sioux City, Iowa. Look at those images. And then tornadoes in the south. An ef-2. Winds more than 111 miles an hour in Texas. And blinding rain could now be on the ray for Washington, D.C., philly, New York and Boston. ABC's Adrienne Bankert tonight in the storm zone. Reporter: Not going anywhere. Tonight, major interstates shut down as a blizzard pummels the heartland. Blizzard warnings are out. Reporter: Some 70 miles of I-29 closed at the iowa/south Dakota border. People are underestimating how slippery it actually is. Reporter: A dashcam capturing this spinout in Sioux Falls. And in Nebraska -- Road conditions are extremely hazardous. We are advising that you do not go out in these conditions. Reporter: Striver carefully navigating past jackknifed semis in Lincoln. Visibility so low, officials pulling some snow plows off the road. Crews like this one take on the backbreaking task of shoveling snow off of sidewalks city-wide. How do you prepare to do this kind of work all day long? Mental toughness. Reporter: Further south, high winds fueling this grassfire in parker county. Nearby schools evacuated. This after multiple confirmed tornadoes overnight, including an ef-2, winds above 110 miles per hour, in bowie county. David, we can make out the tails of those planes, but we can barely see the runway. Officials here in Minneapolis have actually closed that runway a number of times today. More than 500 flights canceled. The same story across much of the midwest. David? All right, what a scene there. Adrienne, thank you. That storm barrelling east. Let's get to ginger zee tonight, tracking it all for us. Ginger? Reporter: David, we've already seen a foot of snow in Minnesota. 30 to 50 mile h-mile-per-hour gusts. This storm, this low has a cold front and a warm component, too, so, by the noon hour, if you're in Philadelphia, New York City, Long Island, Connecticut, you're going to see thunderstorms and even the potential for flooding. Behind it, relatively cool air. Certainly some lake effect snow, but watch those rivers, as the warmth sticks around and the rain falls, ice jams could be a problem, too. David? Ginger, thank you.

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{"duration":"2:26","description":"More than 500 flights were canceled and four runways were closed at the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"52535253","title":"Interstates shut down as blizzard pummels the Heartland","url":"/WNT/video/interstates-shut-blizzard-pummels-heartland-52535253"}