Investigators Looking For Clues in Salmonella Outbreak

17 states across the country say they have a match with contamination that started on West Coast.
3:00 | 10/10/13

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Transcript for Investigators Looking For Clues in Salmonella Outbreak
the salmonella outbreak has sickened now almost 300 people in 18 states. New cases reported in florida. All from chicken linked to three plants run by foster farms in california. And we sent dr. Richard besser into the lab to show us the detective work and why your kitchen is so vulnerable. Reporter: For investigators tracking this outbreak, it's easy to see it in the lab. This is salmonella. Let me show you how it can hide? Your kitchen. We coat with it a harmless powder that glows in the dark. Turn on the uv light and see how all that handling spread the contamination. If it was salmonella, it would be transferred. In health departments across the country, scientists, some not getting paid during the shutdown, are scanning to see if the outbreak that started on the west coast is spreading. Salmonella is just a stomach flu, but this time, 42% of the infected people are hospitalized. Each column here is a finger printd from a patient who had salmonella in new york city. That's a salmonella fingerprint? Ad dna fingerprint, that means they match. Same salmonella as in california. With foster farms chicken from three different plants as the common source. 25% of the chickens from one plant were contaminated with salmonella. If you had inspectors at the plant everyday, how did this situation arise? We did not find serious deficiencies in their daily operations. If cdc hadn't uncovered a outbreak, there never would have a sign there was a problem at the plant? They may be true. Reporter: Foster farms has responded to the usda. Tonight their deciding whether the plant will open. But there are still new cases being reported, foster farms says their chicken is safe if it's cooked properly. Until this outbreak is over, i wouldn't eat this chicken. The plant numbers are on our website as well as the brands that are involved. People can check there. You'll see everybody there on our website. Thanks, rich.

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{"id":20536496,"title":"Investigators Looking For Clues in Salmonella Outbreak","duration":"3:00","description":"17 states across the country say they have a match with contamination that started on West Coast.","url":"/WNT/video/investigators-clues-salmonella-outbreak-20536496","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}