ISIS in the Crosshairs in Syria

As Obama announces new push, high-profile ISIS recruiter reported killed.
1:57 | 07/07/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ISIS in the Crosshairs in Syria
Now another developing headline at this hour. It involves an alleged terror leader who authorities say threatened Americans lives on the fourth of July. Tonight new reports that he might have been the one killed on the fourth. Here's the image tonight. This Isis recruiter issuing a message about the fourth, and then there's this. The air strikes over the weekend, over the holiday. ABC's chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross tonight on the reports he might have been killed. Reporter: Until now, U.S. Officials considered this british born Isis recruiter abu Ra hen azeez, a key figure in online calls for attacks on America. Look to your own actions. Look to your own deeds. Have you done enough? Reporter: His most recent message, this posting last Friday about July 4th. A day to remember amongst other days. It was quite a fourth of July, but not as azeez expected. His fellow jihadists said today he was killed as the U.S. Launched a series of July 4th air strikes on the terror group's home base in raqqah Syria. The U.S. Today would not confirm his death, but late this afternoon, president Obama announced the U.S. Is stepping up its attacks on Isis leaders and recruiters in Syria, taking off the gloves. We're going after the isil leadership and infrastructure in Syria, the heart of isil that pumps funds and propaganda to people around the world. Reporter: The president cited the attack on a Mohammed cartoon contest in Texas as the sort of threat the U.S. Now faces. The men behind the attack were inspired by, among others, the recruiter azeez, believed to have been killed on the fourth of July. Brian with us today. We saw the president speaking today, but Brian has learned this American assault against Isis leadership could involve more than just air strikes? That's right, David. In addition to the air strikes there could be expanded special operations forces to go after Isis sanctuaries and its leaders.

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{"duration":"1:57","description":"As Obama announces new push, high-profile ISIS recruiter reported killed.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"32261856","title":"ISIS in the Crosshairs in Syria","url":"/WNT/video/isis-crosshairs-syria-32261856"}