Israeli Airstrike

Israelis hit Syria to keep sophisticated weapons out of enemy hands.
1:06 | 05/04/13

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Transcript for Israeli Airstrike
Also overnight we learned of an air strike on syria by israel as presideates whether or not the u.S. Should get involved in syria and if so, how. Reporter: Good evening, david. This air strike comes as president obama struggles to deer with the syrian crises. Israeli officials reportedly said the target is what they are calling stirs indicated game changing missiles. This was israel's second air strike. They said they will do anything to prevent chemical weapons from falling into the hands of enemies which could harm american interests. Syrian forces stepped up their operations and made gains across the country. Oppositions activists accused them of carrying out two big massacres over the past days that have left 100 people dead. The president visited the campus of damascus university. He was greeted thoous yast clee by a huge crowd of students. That was his second public appearance in the past week.

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{"id":19110659,"title":"Israeli Airstrike","duration":"1:06","description":"Israelis hit Syria to keep sophisticated weapons out of enemy hands.","url":"/WNT/video/israeli-airstrike-19110659","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}