Jeb Bush on Trail Talking About Trump

Former Florida governor answers questions about whether or not Donald Trump is unstoppable.
2:41 | 02/11/16

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Transcript for Jeb Bush on Trail Talking About Trump
ABC's Jonathan Karl in South Carolina tonight we're trump now says there is something you will not see from him. Taunting his rivals Donald Trump this declaring they can't get here in South Carolina he won't get anywhere. We win here when you run the table if we win here after winning so big in New Hampshire. All of these characters are gonna give it up we're gonna run the table and we will make America great again that I can judge you okay. Cult campaign says it's so confident it's only going to Foster positive TV ads he went to make him. But there's one candidate trump still can't resist attacking you have a guy like bush. Who has his big fund. Sparrow. I'll be honest the last thing we need is another bush that I can't. Travel to Florence, South Carolina to meet up when governor bush. As he went into the V this restaurant he seemed irritated by the mere mention of Trump's name. He really thought don't program. I hope so yeah. We worry beside. It back you want an entertainer in chief. Someone who will say whatever he wants this you know that make it make it all about him this insult people divide people. Basically just talk trash on his way to the Republican nomination. South Carolina presidential politics it's known for its brass local tax take cruises out with this video ridiculing trump. Yeah yeah and yeah. McCain can be a real game. She gave Marco Rubio launched his own grenade at trump Donald Trump had zero foreign policy experience. It's negotiating a hotel deal in another country is not foreign policy experience. Rubio still haunted by his bad debate here's marker about it. You done this marquee mobile robots only in South Carolina but at a town hall meeting today a vote of confidence. Call it. Do you brought. This if you are conservatives elected twice got four hours ago. Would be Governor Schwarzenegger of course. And Jon Karl with us live from Columbia, South Carolina tonight in John there has been so much talk on the Republican side about whether former president George W. Bush would be a help or not. If he campaigned for his brother Jeb and they're about to give it a shot. That's right former President Bush will be at a big campaign rally with his brother in Charleston on Monday it's the latest indication did David did Jeb Bush who started the campaign saying. I am final in my own man is now banking on the bush name to help save his campaign Jonathan Karl in South Carolina.

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{"id":36876907,"title":"Jeb Bush on Trail Talking About Trump","duration":"2:41","description":"Former Florida governor answers questions about whether or not Donald Trump is unstoppable.","url":"/WNT/video/jeb-bush-trail-talking-trump-36876907","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}