Jeb Bush's Last Stand?

Hoping for a comeback, Bush and his super PAC spent almost a whopping $30 million.
2:10 | 02/10/16

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Transcript for Jeb Bush's Last Stand?
Many believe it is make or break for governor Jeb Bush tonight spending more than any other candidate here in New Hampshire thirty million dollars. And tonight ABC's Jonathan Karl on the campaign trail finding himself suddenly driving behind Jeb Bush is bus. And John had a few questions for the candidate counting on New Hampshire. It was her life. Driving through Manchester of course when did you did you have bush mosque we don't follow along because I bet he's going to opponents. And sure enough he was Dave Bush wading through a sea of cameras to make one last pitch for votes. The drug dealers but it is still undecided right now. So they're putting him in Dover man. No look I've what I say is that I've got a proven record of accomplishment the most reform conservative record of anybody running. Once the front runner he's now fighting for survival. For example. And bringing his ninety year old mother in to campaign during the snowstorm. That prompted a withering personal attack from the man who spent his nemesis from the stork were report Jeb Bush who brings out his mother because he needed help. Mommy please come. Walk in the snow mom I know Jeb Bush super pac is tapped his brother for a TV yet. During the Super Bowl no less experience and judgment count. Jeb Bush bet the ranch on New Hampshire he and his super pac spending almost thirty million dollars just on TV yet. More than any other candidate. Ten times as much as Donald Trump. Now he's predicting a combat. Have been written off which is great. I was like look into the back of the pundits may not have gotten this right. Makes it makes me feel good act. And Jon Karl joins me live tonight John clearly is a lot at stake for Jeb Bush tonight but. His aides telling you that no matter what happens here New Hampshire the campaign moves forward. That's fact it's right he says he is moving on in fact they have eight events scheduled of the next few days. In South Carolina where they'll also be campaigning with former president George W Bush's brother and they have one big advantage still David. They have more campaign cash in most of his rivals. All right Jon Karl listed.

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{"duration":"2:10","description":"Hoping for a comeback, Bush and his super PAC spent almost a whopping $30 million.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"36820909","title":"Jeb Bush's Last Stand?","url":"/WNT/video/jeb-bushs-stand-36820909"}