Jonathan Karl Presses Jay Carney About Healthcare Website Problems

People still not able to log on to get coverage are worried that they are running out of time.
2:29 | 12/02/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jonathan Karl Presses Jay Carney About Healthcare Website Problems
And now, next here tonight, a big day for health care. Did president obama deliver on his promise to bring the health care website back from the brink? The white house says as of today a lot of the tangled mess has been fixed, that 750,000 people visited the site by 5:30. Jonathan karl looks at the whole picture right now. Reporter: Healthcare.Gov may be working better but dan howard of freeport, pennsylvania has been trying to enroll for two months and is still out of luck. I can log on and amazingly i can log on darn quick, but whenever I finish my actual log in it says I can't go any further because I'm not verified that I'm me. Reporter: He received a cancellation notice from his insurance company back in september. Now howard is worried he's running out of time to get a new policy. I had a heart attack nine years ago. I'm terrified of not having a POLICY ON JANUARY 1st. Reporter: Others experience delays. The white house says it's due to a huge increase in traffic worthy of cyber monday. 375,000 visiting the website by noon today. But this time for those who can't get in right away, there is a system that allows them to wait online. We were able to get on the site after about ten minutes. The bottom line, the administration says, after a massive effort to fix the glitches, the website is now working much better and can handle up to 50,000 users at a time. With the slowdowns and continued problems it seems a long way from the goal the white house set for itself, allowing the vast jeeort of users to enroll. Is it mission accomplished? Have you accomplished that goal? Using that phrase is a -- not one I would employ. What I would say is that we were able to make the necessary improvements to the website so the vast majority of americans who use the website have an experience in which the site functions effectively. Reporter: Officials tell abc news about 100,000 were able to enroll in november. That is more than four times the amount in october. Diane, they're going to have to do much better than that. At that rate it would take the government five years to reach their target of 7 million enrollees. THE DATE FOR THAT IS MARCH 31st, The deadline. Big mountain ahead. Thank you, jon karl.

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{"id":21076712,"title":"Jonathan Karl Presses Jay Carney About Healthcare Website Problems","duration":"2:29","description":"People still not able to log on to get coverage are worried that they are running out of time.","url":"/WNT/video/jonathan-karl-presses-jay-carney-healthcare-website-problems-21076712","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}