Jury Finds Michael Jackson Promoter AEG Not Liable

Concert promoter AEG found not negligent in hiring Dr. Conrad Murray to care for Jackson.
2:18 | 10/02/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jury Finds Michael Jackson Promoter AEG Not Liable
And we want to turn next to very late breaking news right now. A verdict in the michael jackson trial, a civil trial asking the question, who is to blame for jackson's death, his private demons or pressure from the company behind his concert. Abc's david wright is standing by with the latest. David? Reporter: Good evening, diane. High drama in the courtroom in los angeles. The clerk of the court is READING THEGv Verdict -- the initial question before the court, who was michael jackson's doctor working for, the jury has apparently found in favor of the jacksons that aeg live did hire michael jackson's lawyer. That's the crucial question in this case. It's a battle over what happened behind the scenes during these REHEARSALS, THE LAST OF<sx MICHAEL Jackson's career. He was trying to dance his way out of debt, under serious pressure and strung out on drugs administered by his doctor, conrad murray. We the jury find the defendant, conrad robert murray guilty. Reporter: The doctor is now behind bars. The question before this court, who was he working for? Jackson's mother and three children sought $1.5 billion in damages from concert promoter aeg live, claiming aeg was paying murray's salary and pushing him to get jackson fit for the tour. They hired him. They were controlling dr. Murray. Reporter: Aeg argued that murray was strictly jackson's personal doctor, that they had no control over his treatment. Aeg live never would have agreed to finance this tour if it knew mr. Jackson was playing russian roulette every night in his bedroom. Reporter: We know that the jury has made the determination that aeg did hire michael jackson's doctor. WHAT THE7O!m POTENTIAL DAMAGES MIGHT Be, we don't yet know. We will be paying attention as the jury continues to read down the list of questions. At stake could be millions or billions of dollars.

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{"id":20452724,"title":"Jury Finds Michael Jackson Promoter AEG Not Liable","duration":"2:18","description":"Concert promoter AEG found not negligent in hiring Dr. Conrad Murray to care for Jackson.","url":"/WNT/video/jury-finds-michael-jackson-promoter-aeg-liable-20452724","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}