Kerry Kennedy Takes the Stand

Surrounded by family, Kerry Kennedy recalled her father, and her mother who carried them forward.
3:00 | 02/26/14

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Transcript for Kerry Kennedy Takes the Stand
It was an emotional day, as members of the Kennedy family assembled in the courtroom in New York to support one of their own today. Ethel Kennedy, widow of rfk, listening, as her daughter, Kerry, took the stand. Her daughter on trial for driving under the influence of a sleeping aid. And vividly recalling her father, his death, and the mother who carried the family forward. Reporter: Testifying in her own defense, at her drugged driving trial, normally private, Kerry Kennedy opened up about her public family. In answering questions, the 54-year-old described her upbringing. Affectionately referring to her father, the late Robert F. Kennedy, as daddy. She talked about her father's assassination. Saying, quote, I have ten brothers and sisters. My mother raised us because my father died when I was 8. He was killed when he was running for president. Kennedy's 85-year-old mother, Ethel, who rarely makes public appearances, her sister, Rory, and two of the three daughters, were also in court. The trial, now in its third day, is over a single misdemeanor count of driving while impaired. Kennedy says in July of 2012, she accidentally took a prescription sleep drug with her breakfast instead of her thyroid medication. And then, she got behind the wheel. Kennedy, who has pleaded not guilty, testified she felt disoriented and frightened. And says, quote, I was struggling to figure out what happened to me. If the jurors agree, it seems like a stretch to convict her. Reporter: On cross-examination, prosecutors tried to portray Kennedy as a frequent user of the sleeping drug who carelessly took the wrong pill. In the final motives, the prosecutor asked if conviction would hurt her public image. Kennedy responded, yes. And next, tonight, someone finally declares enough is

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{"id":22690861,"title":"Kerry Kennedy Takes the Stand ","duration":"3:00","description":"Surrounded by family, Kerry Kennedy recalled her father, and her mother who carried them forward.","url":"/WNT/video/kerry-kennedy-takes-stand-22690861","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}