Keystone Pipeline Vote Fails to Pass Senate by 1 Vote

Proponents support job creation from pipeline but critics point to environmental concerns.
2:16 | 11/18/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Keystone Pipeline Vote Fails to Pass Senate by 1 Vote
Steve osunsami, thank you. Now to breaking news from Washington, a high stakes vote late today in the senate involving the controversial keystone pipeline. Many argued it could have created thousands of American jobs. It did not pass the senate. You can see it there, the pipeline would send oil from Canada to Nebraska where it would hook up with existing pipe lines, sending the oil to refineries on the gulf coast. The house passed the bill late last week, tonight the senate voting it down. I want to bring in Jonathan Karl. This is not over yet. Could it be revived and how many jobs are we talking about here? Reporter: It can certainly be revived and it will be revived. The jobs estimates range from 4,000 to 40,000 jobs. Pro opponents say it not only creates jobs but it could lead to energy Independence. Opponents say this would be a terrible thing to do, it would contribute to global warming. David, this came just one vote short tonight. Congress, the senate in January. They will bring this up first order of business and it will pass. One vote sho rt in the senate. Stay with us here. We're going to turn to an another controversial. An economist talking about the quote stupidity of the American voters. He said the passing of the president's healthcare plan relied on that so-called stupidity. Lack of transparency is a basic advantage. Call it the stupidity of the American voter or whatever but that was critical to get it passed. Today Jon pressed the white house, would Gruber be hired by the white house again. Listen. He's made more than $2 million in the federal government, $400,000 specifically regarding the healthcare law. No more government contracts for Jonathan Gruber? I assume that those kinds of decisions are based on merit, but certainly the comments that he has now famously expressed are not views that are shared by anybody at the white house. Jon, was that a yes or no? Would they hire him again? Reporter: They won't rule out hiring him somewhere down the line. You won't see Jonathan Gruber around the white house again. They don't want any part of him after those comments. Jon Karl, thank you. Now to a consumer alert tonight to what authorities are

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{"id":27012146,"title":"Keystone Pipeline Vote Fails to Pass Senate by 1 Vote","duration":"2:16","description":"Proponents support job creation from pipeline but critics point to environmental concerns.","url":"/WNT/video/keystone-pipeline-vote-fails-pass-senate-vote-27012146","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}