Kim Jong Un's Message for President Obama: 'Call Me'

Former NBA player Dennis Rodman discusses his trip to North Korea on "This Week."
2:06 | 03/03/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kim Jong Un's Message for President Obama: 'Call Me'
-- image from overseas we reported on here former NBA star Dennis Rodman side by side with North Korea's new leader Kim -- -- Brought together by their love of basketball will tonight -- and is back in the US delivering a message from the North Korean leader to President Obama. And he brought that message to George Stephanopoulos on ABC's this week this morning and it was not your average roundtable here's ABC three and -- -- He's the cross dressing NBA hall of Famer reality show star. Who after his visit to North Korea last week has now spent more time with leader Kim Jong -- Than any American. When you said you love -- and think he's awesome. Were you aware of the threats to destroy the United States and then his -- horrendous record on human rights. But it would wonder about that you know what I don't look at all -- right understand what he's doing it I don't condone that. I hate the fact that he's doing that but the -- is that you know what. That's a human being dealt Robin also dropped this revelation on ABC's this week in -- that we were two days. And one thing he asked me give Obama something to say -- -- -- -- -- Obama to do when they haul him. You want to call from President Obama that's -- he told me that he's there. If you can Dennis. I don't won't -- war. I don't want to war he said that to me. The diplomatic -- has been broken by sports before. A ping pong tournament in 1971. Opening up China could it happen again with Kim Jong-un. He loves basketball. Not for the same benefit Obama -- basketball. Let's -- there get any sense from him that he was looking to change your relationship the United States -- -- I knows -- him. -- very humble. So what snacks come and go back to win today and -- -- more. -- would have all -- up war in connection you -- thank you should bring this report from Human Rights Watch just -- just like the way we. Don't -- week. A White House official telling me tonight the US has direct channels to North Korea. And the regime should focus on the starving imprison people and other officials -- look at what the north Koreans are doing that would Rodman says they're saying.

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{"id":18644078,"title":"Kim Jong Un's Message for President Obama: 'Call Me'","duration":"2:06","description":"Former NBA player Dennis Rodman discusses his trip to North Korea on \"This Week.\"","url":"/WNT/video/kim-jon-uns-message-president-obama-call-18644078","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}