Kushner security clearance downgraded

Chief of staff John Kelly has been cracking down on staff working with temporary clearances.
2:48 | 02/28/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kushner security clearance downgraded
stripped of his temporary high level security clearance at the white house. The FBI unable to clear him after more than a year. Kushner, the president's son-in-law, and one of his most senior advisers. He will no longer be able to see the most closely held secrets, yet the white house tonight says he still has their full confidence to do his work. Here's ABC's senior white house correspondent Cecilia Vega tonight. Reporter: Jared Kushner on capitol hill tonight, refusing to answer questions after his father-in-law's own white house stripped him of his top secret security clearance, cutting off his access to highly classified information. My name is Jared Kushner. I'm senior adviser to president Donald J. Trump. Reporter: Not just senior adviser, but also presidential son-in-law with a vast portfolio including Middle East peace. Every day, I come to work with enthusiasm and excitement for what can be. Reporter: Kushner now restricted from viewing the nation's most closely guarded secrets, including the president's daily security briefing. He had been working on a temporary security clearance since the inauguration. His application under FBI review for nearly 15 months. Kushner updating it several times after failing to disclose multiple foreign contacts before he entered the administration. The move to strip his top secret clearance comes as chief of star John Kelly cracks down those in the west wing working on temporary clearance. But the president has had nothing but effusive praise for his son-in-law. Well, Jared's done an outstanding job. I think he's been treated very unfairly. He's a high quality person. He works for nothing, just so, you know, nobody ever reports that, but he gets zero. Reporter: Still, president trump said he would not be the one to decide whether Kushner could retain that top secret clearance. Instead, punting to his chief of staff. I will let general Kelly make that decision, and he's going to do what's right for the country. And I have no doubt he'll make the right decision. Reporter: Today from the president, no comment. Mr. President, on Jared's downgraded clearance, sir? But from the white house press secretary, words of support. He will continue to do the important work that he's been doing since he started in the administration. All right, so, let's get to Cecilia Vega, live at the white house tonight. And Cecilia, Jared Kushner refusing to answer questions tonight, but his spokesman is now reinforcing that message we just heard from the white house, that Kushner is still able to do his job? Reporter: He is, but David, other sources tell me that this will undoubtedly impact Jared Kushner's job going forward. But we are not just talking about Jared Kushner. There are potentially dozens more high level aides working at the white house who are working on temporary clearances that could be impacted by general Kelly's decision, including white house counsel down mcgahn, and the president's own daughter, Ivanka Trump. David? Cecilia, thank you.

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{"duration":"2:48","description":"Chief of staff John Kelly has been cracking down on staff working with temporary clearances.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"53401552","title":"Kushner security clearance downgraded","url":"/WNT/video/kushner-security-clearance-downgraded-53401552"}