Large Chunk of Late Deciders in NH Primary

44 percent of voters in New Hampshire say they could still change their minds and every one of the candidates is trying to get their votes.
2:01 | 02/10/16

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Transcript for Large Chunk of Late Deciders in NH Primary
And a telling number tonight by one estimate. 44% of voters here in New Hampshire saying they could still change their minds in the hours leading up to the primary. Today I met some of those late designers who told us which way they went. Across New Hampshire today voters determined to have their voice heard. Take you inside Bartlett elementary school in golf style to the activity right in here. Orders included Michael Clark junior a veteran. Bringing his son as his mother in accordance this day there are very important told us he voted for Hillary Clinton because of her experience. His mother says Clinton hasn't forgotten the veteran. Because we have a lot of events that are coming home is going overran coming home management about it for the community at yeah yeah that's very very important thing. For all of them not just my son. It was not Clinton for John Paul the Roche who never misses the New Hampshire primary how important is the New Hampshire primary that. Some months he said trump Christie and rubio topped his list and today he decided Donald Trump and to the people who might say he uses them. Colorful language. From time to time. I'm I'm right. There that the the undergo today. And derelict in his into sniff the veteran came all the way from Ohio to rally supporters for governor Casey. He says they're seeing late momentum so you can always from Ohio and get out of Ohio from good to hear your. And you Meredith hunger for a junior in college studying education is her first votes torn between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton we're decision. Very candid and tell me whether what about them. I'm I just think he's barely able and he knows the people punts and two Jamie kind of changed Leahy parts that can he supports. The middle class I think we're heading into this it was an influenza strains you know I just think resonate with burning a little bit more. Tighter and primary day is here how. An outside he met some longtime New Hampshire voters take ply their role and you have your role as first in the nation primary. I'm why is that. At least get to. At the FaceBook places capitalist. Some of those late to siders in conflicted voters decided between candidates. At the last minute here let's get right to George Stephanopoulos who will lead our coverage of the results tonight as they committed George first off the Republicans what are you watching for number one can doubt. Term closed the deal he has led in New Hampshire for 200 straight days most of those days in double digits but we saw and it is Communist nation before then Iowa. His performance didn't match his poll numbers will let happen again only reversed that. If he reverses it he is a strong front runner again and then secondly but do the results on the Republican side of force people out of the race or give them more incentive. To stay in and those governors a Jeb Bush John Casey Chris Christie if they either go ahead of Marco Rubio or stay very close to him. They're gonna stay in this race no matter what and that could be good news for Donald Trump if he's got this split field. And George on the democratic side Bernie Sanders way ahead in the polls leading up to the primary so what is Hillary Clinton realistically need to do here. Very hard to see her winning tonight did what they were hoping for coming into the tonight was pulling within double digits the other number to watch for is does she have a clear win. Over Bernie Sanders among the democratic voters in this primer remember for intend. The voters are going to be independents in the primaries going forward most of the big contest those are open only to Democrats. If she is a clearly among Democrats that's a sign of hope for her if you fall short on those two things it's going to be a tough night for her and her real long fight ahead. All right we'll be watching right along with.

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{"duration":"2:01","description":"44 percent of voters in New Hampshire say they could still change their minds and every one of the candidates is trying to get their votes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"36821057","title":"Large Chunk of Late Deciders in NH Primary","url":"/WNT/video/large-chunk-late-deciders-nh-primary-36821057"}