Living With Lions

One family keeps ferocious creatures living under the same roof, even sleeping with them.
1:49 | 11/12/13

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Transcript for Living With Lions
Androgel 1.62%. Finally tonight, how about a lion on your sofa or sleeping with a leopard in your bed? How one couple says these ferocious creatures are family pets to them. Abc's alex marquardt on a home where the wild things really are. Reporter: There's a lion on the loose. 130 pounds of muscle and razor sharp teeth, she bolts into the house of annel snyman and hops right up on the counter. She knows this house. It's hers. Reporter:10 month old vati clearly sees herself as a housecat, which, in a way, she is. Annel raised in her this kitchen. But if she wanted to, she could overpower any of us. Yeah, she's very strong. Everywhere you look inside, d outside, annel's house, there's a different animal. So who sleeps with you? Karatara, the leopard, tshokwane, this guy, the banded mongoose. The mongoose as well as the meerkats. Four of them? Yeah. Reporter: Plus you two. Both you guys? Reporter: Annel's guest farm, with its eight lions, is open to paying visitors. She and her boyfriend say they're helping conservation efforts through education. You have people coming out here who don't have the opportunity to get out in the wild and experience these lion's upclose. Reporter: But critics say thee parks make no difference. They're in it for the money. Then there's the potential danger. A quick nip serves as a reminder of how deadly vati could be. They've really had, in the case of lions, a million years or more of evolution to become a supremely adapted killer and they don't make good pets. Reporter: But annel shows no fear. I trust them and they trust me. Reporter: A trust these wild animals haven't broken, at least not yet. Alex marquardt, south africa. We thank you so much for

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{"id":20869951,"title":"Living With Lions ","duration":"1:49","description":"One family keeps ferocious creatures living under the same roof, even sleeping with them.","url":"/WNT/video/living-lions-20869951","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}