Low Home Prices Hampered by High Closing Costs

Find out how to stand up to the bank and save real money on additional costs.
3:17 | 08/13/13

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Transcript for Low Home Prices Hampered by High Closing Costs
And tonight, our real money team is back and ready to help you save thousands of dollars in just minutes. So many people, of course, trying to afford a home, and there is one problem. A home priced at $150,000 may cost another $7,500 in closing costs. And paula faris shows us how to stand up to the banks and put the money back in your pocket. Reporter: The cureton family is about to buy their first home. It kinda felt like home. We pretty much knew right away we wanted to make an offer. And we wanted that house. Reporter: With room for both kids to roam. Jeff and jackie are looking forward to the extra space. But not looking forward to this mountain of paperwork. This is what came in the mail today. Is this something we have to pay? I don't know what that means. Reporter: There my be thousands of dollars of fees in the paperwork, so how do you know you're getting the best deal? Buying your first home doesn't mean you have to settle for high fees. Step number one, go to zillow.Com, it will give you a range of what you should be paying in fees. Did, you know, about this? Step number two, negotiate service fees. Do you understand any of these fees? I don't understand why they cost what they cost. It is confusing. They don't spell out all of the word. Reporter: We went line by line, pouring over the fine print and found the top three fees erin says you can push back on. Orridge nation charge. That's a fancy processing fee. The credit report. They're charging them $23.54. The appraisal fee -- Reporter: That's another $485. These are not mandatory charges. The bank has the ability to take them off. Their bank added this $5300 insurance fee. They had no idea other banks don't charge this. You may be able to avoid that all together. Reporter: Our expert found them another lender to save them $6035 in fees. No lemon for them, they're getting a sweet deal. That's over $6500 just on the fees. One more big tip, don't go with a local bank, it's a common mistake they made, and using the quotes on zillow. We were able to find a more competitive mortgage rate, it's going save them over $122,000 over the life that have loan. That is a bulletin. Just taking the time to comparison shop, you can save more than $100,000. Shopping around. And it is never too late to negotiate. And you're going to be back tomorrow night with more real money. Back to school and college savings. We had no idea how much we could save on college textbooks, and the costs are skyrocketing. Textbooks loan. We'll g. Paula will be back.

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{"id":19952091,"title":"Low Home Prices Hampered by High Closing Costs","duration":"3:17","description":"Find out how to stand up to the bank and save real money on additional costs.","url":"/WNT/video/low-home-prices-hampered-high-closing-costs-19952091","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}