Why Did Lufthansa CEO Refuse to Answer Questions?

Embattled CEO lays a wreath and expresses condolences at the Germanwings crash site in the French Alps.
1:55 | 04/02/15

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Transcript for Why Did Lufthansa CEO Refuse to Answer Questions?
from the start. This evening, a major development in the case of that jet crash in the alps. This new view from the crash site, workers wrest. ING with chunks of the fuselage, as the CEO of lufthansa comes before the cameras, and it comes after the airline admitted it knew about the co-pilot's major bout with depression, letting him fly anyway. ABC's Alex Marquardt in Germany tonight, on what the CEO refused to answer. Reporter: Navigating with ski poles and wearing climbing spikes, recovery workers scaling the mountain, hoisting huge sections of the plane. This piece, the airline's tail, with its distinctive colors. And today, laying a wreath, the embattled airline's executives, now under fire after admitting lufthansa hired Andreas lubitz even after he told them he had suffered a serious depressive episode. We're just very, very sorry that such a terrible accident could have happened in Reporter: But they left in a hurry, ignoring questions. When did you find the 2009 e-mail from lubitz? I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Why did it -- sir, your employee crashed a plane! Why are you refusing to take questions? Reporter: The airline's insurance companies already setting aside $300 million to compensate victims' families. To have an airplane accident in which your pilot may be culpable and worse that you may have had some previous knowledge of a handicap is the mother of all nightmares. Reporter: Especially now, amid reports the final seconds of the flight were caught on tape, watched by two German and French poly cases. The sounds of people screening, screaming and screaming again. Reporter: David, German and French authorities haven't confirmed the video exists. They say they haven't seen it and demand whoever has it must turn it over. David? Alex Marquardt reporting in from Germany again tonight.

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{"duration":"1:55","description":"Embattled CEO lays a wreath and expresses condolences at the Germanwings crash site in the French Alps.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"30056033","title":"Why Did Lufthansa CEO Refuse to Answer Questions?","url":"/WNT/video/lufthansa-ceo-refuse-answer-questions-30056033"}