Made in America: Christmas Gifts Give Back to US

ABC News' David Muir reveals how many Christmas gifts made in America were under your tree.
3:02 | 12/26/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Made in America: Christmas Gifts Give Back to US
Still many viewers sending in their one thing made in America that they bought for a loved one for Christmas and tonight the videos are pouring in the made in America surprises. After they were unwrapped under the tree. The -- in the jobs you helped create tonight. -- -- The question that got us thinking from the stork apparently most of America to -- was assigned names and I know I know I know you -- thousands of you -- the question now asking themselves just one thing made in America. Neighborhoods coast to coast. And here one gift 64 dollars and hundreds of thousands of American jobs -- the drill off. -- and -- the fire house. At. The town hall. This from one school among the first. And -- peachtree Georgia -- -- yeah. But now spreading to -- -- seventh grade class in North Carolina. And tonight just look what was -- the new Christmas trees across America this mom buying ornaments from all -- Wendell in Pennsylvania. And something else -- I am ecstatic -- key because we cannot have a chimney and my kids -- -- and it have a special way to get. Connor Bailey fourteen years old asking who settle socks are made in China along that it here Nike -- that -- made right here in America. And this -- Kimball -- from Nevada on her Billy bicycle eighty Dallas. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah there was heavily who told us last time about dad and her sister and a sister addressed the one I'm wearing. It turns out she didn't forget about mom but traveled GP steamer -- America. However. And from Abington Pennsylvania tonight to Leon just six years old. In -- and diesel made by -- -- -- -- today. And yet. So many families sending us their Christmas videos of the viewers who bought scooter boards and then mom. And -- familiar faces who were -- -- the women of the view. They. Hate that's right they even from make believe neighborhoods the neighbors and. Neighbors and. Even John from shark tank and I am I did it I'm Laurie -- from shark tank -- prettier too with her magnetic reader rest. And your glasses right -- on -- -- -- -- he and Barbara Corcoran. Fishing for an idea of us. That's what lobsters cousins Maine lobsters 64 dollars -- And she kept going remember that mom cooking up an American dream. Those -- -- -- South Carolina. The shops flaunt her idea guess what -- point -- friends and Chris. Yeah. -- so many viewers -- Santa's sleigh or just like them who brand new Ford truck. -- in America.

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{"id":18070249,"title":"Made in America: Christmas Gifts Give Back to US","duration":"3:02","description":"ABC News' David Muir reveals how many Christmas gifts made in America were under your tree.","url":"/WNT/video/made-america-christmas-gifts-give-back-us-18070249","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}