4 major fires continue to burn and endanger residents in California

Flames shut down busy Interstate 405 and threatened the Getty Center, which holds priceless artworks.
4:09 | 12/06/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 4 major fires continue to burn and endanger residents in California
And we begin with two major stories. President trump recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital. Swift reaction from our allies. But first tonight, the emergency unfolding right here at home. At least four major fires burning out of control at this hour, and tonight, Los Angeles now included in the state of emergency. A new fire erupting there today. Catching rush hour drivers by surprise. Shutting down one of America's busiest highways, the 450, for a time. Flames on each side. The flames creeping towards the homes perched on the hills of L.A. The fires destroying 200 structures already, homes, apartment buildings, even a hospital. ABC's Matt Gutman in California, leading us off. Reporter: Tonight, that new major wildfire crowning the famed Hollywood hills with fire. This is really frightening. They're a lot of homes here. Reporter: Some of the most expensive properties in America. Wow, look at this. Reporter: The flaming engulfing interstate 405, one of America's busiest freeways, making for a hellish commute, and threatening the Getty center and its priceless artwork. Hundreds of firefighters on the ground and swarms of aircraft fighting the blazes. With this area, it's been years since anything has been burned at all. Reporter: Flames churning into neighborhoods. That house is completely engulfed in the smoke and the smoke coming out is noxious. It's like breathing in tear gas. There's a helicopter overhead now. It's dropping water right now so we might get wet. They're dumping everything they have on this fire. You could see it from the helicopters, you could see that hose over there right behind me. They're blasting away at this fire with whatever they can, trying to save these homes. Firefighters overcome by the heat and that smoke. Are you just hot? Yeah, just too hot. Reporter: Many residents racing to pack up and get out. A nursing home also evacuated. Patients parked in their wheelchairs outside. Azita kaboud and her family staying behind. There you go. Reporter: With a little help, now fighting to protect their neighbors' homes. It was like a warzone in our backyard, fires were coming all over. Reporter: This fire, one of four major blazes scorching California. At the creek fire, at least seven firefighters injured. This horse rescues from a ranch. More than two dozen others did not survive. And the largest, the Thomas fire, is still out of control. The flames marching all the way to the pacific ocean. Our Marcus Moore is there. The Thomas fire destroyed 150 structures here in Ventura county, and already some people have begun the process of shifting through the rubble as the flames continue to threaten 1,200 other structures. Reporter: Some residents are able to survey the damage today. It's devastating. Sorry. Grateful we have our home but I'm very sorry for my neighbors, the way my neighbors look, it's just horrible. Matt Gutman live with us tonight. We see the flames behind you. We know firefighters are concerned tonight that the wind gusts could be 80 miles an hour overnight? Reporter: That's right, David. They're predicting gale-force winds tonight. And those winds half that speed that caused what you see behind me. Destroying those homes, charring cars like the one you see right here. Raging up hillsides. The concern from officials here in Los Angeles is that the ferocity of tonight's winds will pick up embers that are still burning here and sweep them farther up these hillsides, consuming parts of these very. Matt Gutman, thank you. Authoritying bracing for the ones, as he just mentioned. Let's get to rob Marciano, also on the ground in California tonight. Rob? Reporter: David, this area of L.A. County saw some of the highest wind gusts on Monday night, burning down dozens of homes, injuring seven firefighters and forcing thousands to evacuate. We expect a repeat wind performance tonight, unfortunately. Here we go. Round two of this Santa Ana wind event. We've got red flag warnings, high wind warnings up through Friday. Could see 30 to 40-mile-per-hour gusts in the city, which means that we'll see 70, maybe 80-mile-per-hour gusts in the mountains. That is just impossible to fight fires against. The next 24 hours, David, are certainly critical. They will be critical indeed. Rob, thank you, as well.

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{"id":51629162,"title":"4 major fires continue to burn and endanger residents in California","duration":"4:09","description":"Flames shut down busy Interstate 405 and threatened the Getty Center, which holds priceless artworks.","url":"/WNT/video/major-fires-continue-burn-endanger-residents-california-51629162","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}