Major Milestone for Prince George

Managing to look simultaneously regal and adorable, Prince George steps out for his first birthday celebration.
1:28 | 07/20/14

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Transcript for Major Milestone for Prince George
Time for the "Instant index," a look at what's trending on a Sunday night starting with one dad's bet paying off big time at the british open. Rory Mcilroy of northern Ireland, the new champion, won today by two strokes. It's his father who has a big reason to celebrate tonight. Ten years ago he and some friends placed a legal bet, about $170, that Rory would win the british open by the age of 26. Rory is 25 and it's time to pay back. That wager made his dad about $372,000 richer. Check out this major milestone for prince George. Here he is showing off his walking skills, managing to look simultaneously regal and adorable with his first birthday coming up on Tuesday. His parents, will and Kate, are planning a private celebration for the future king at kensington palace. Little George lives with a dog so his parents might appreciate this next clip which is going viral tonight. It features a beagle named Charlie who steals a toy from that little girl named laura. The little girl starts to cry and Charlie seems to try to make it right, fetching toy after toy bringing them to laura, piling them on, a play station, a remote control and drags out an entire box of toys at one point. Eventually she's covered in toys, stops crying and flashes a little bit of a grin. I can look at that all day.

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{"id":24642392,"title":"Major Milestone for Prince George ","duration":"1:28","description":"Managing to look simultaneously regal and adorable, Prince George steps out for his first birthday celebration.","url":"/WNT/video/major-milestone-prince-george-24642392","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}