Major Win For Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire

Disappointed Hillary Clinton thanked voters after an uphill battle for votes.
3:10 | 02/10/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Major Win For Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire
Breaking news for the Democrats as well tonight ABC news now projecting Bernie Sanders the winner you saw him speaking at the top of the broadcast doing very well right here in his own backyard. It was not long ago the Clinton team conceding defeat in what was an uphill battle for her trailing Bernie Sanders like double digits going into tonight's primary. Here's over learning from the exit polls coming in right now three in ten voters saying honesty and trustworthiness where the characteristics most important to them. And look at this tonight Sanders taking 83% of voters under thirty. ABC city Vegas live at the Clinton event right now Sicilian major win for Bernie Sanders tonight tweeting. But we stand together we win thank you New Hampshire. David certainly and Hillary Clinton just wrapped up her contestants Pete Sears is actually so right behind you lingering live supporter of her husband bill daughter Chelsea. Right there on that stage weather season she called. Senator Sanders to congratulate him she's better there's an artist that is not what you get knocked down it's what you get back up but David she's certainly. Not knocked down your New Hampshire tonight. It's like Bernie Sanders okay leaning in his own backyard and eight. New Hampshire. The Vermont senator swarmed by supporters when I caught up with him today fetters and excitement tonight. Savard voter turnout. Yet he did but for Hillary Clinton disappointments. Thank each and every one of you. Add I want a day I still love New Hampshire and. Okay. Okay. Sprint to the finish line today started right here in Manchester. Yeah. Good morning overnight but there if it's a I just law. The late. That is we machines and they keep coming back in the final hours volunteers hitting the streets but it wasn't enough. Here in this state that is broke the Clinton soon walks and 1982. New Hampshire tonight. Has made Bill Clinton the comeback kid. I'm. Then in 2008 I listened to you. And in the process. I found my own voice. They Donald Trump piling on when asked what comes to mind when he thinks of Hillary Clinton George your wedding or how did she did. She did. And a certain way evil it's certainly evil while but coming to Clinton's defense none other than her own rival's wife Jean Sanders. I guess no place in in politics today we're not going to have the same backing. And Cecilia Vega that put us live now Sicilian mention Hillary Clinton right there in the crowd behind you but. What does mrs. Clinton do now what's their strategy to quickly move on from this. Davis campaign is looking at Tuesday its right now South Carolina and Nevada of the next Tuesday that but not just that they are focused right now. On tapping into the lets you know an African American voting bloc that they say they need. To propel her into victory for that nomination Damon. The silly they would a slot tonight to see it thanks to you again.

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{"duration":"3:10","description":"Disappointed Hillary Clinton thanked voters after an uphill battle for votes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"36825219","title":"Major Win For Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire","url":"/WNT/video/major-win-bernie-sanders-hampshire-36825219"}