Make Big Bucks Off Your Family Recipe

Find out how you can fill your wallet with what's been filling your belly.
3:00 | 03/05/14

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Transcript for Make Big Bucks Off Your Family Recipe
Next, tonight, our "Real money" team is back. Is there a secret recipe in your family for generations? Well, someone may be willing to pay big money for what's cooking in your kitchen. ABC's Linzie Janis shows how how to put the money in your pocket. Reporter: Tina Verrelli is a mom of two. A substitute teacher. And a millionaire. If you like to cook and you like food and if you're creative, you can do this. Reporter: And make a bit of money at it. Yes, you can. Reporter: Her recipe for success? Tina entered her pumpkin ravioli recipe into a contest held by Pillsbury and won $1 million. And that's not all. Homemade dishes from mushroom soup to a special hamburger have earned her prizes like free groceries and kitchen appliances. Tina looks for cooking contests held by brands like Pillsbury and Betty crocker to hype new products. She finds them on websites like Kristina Vanni who runs the site says there are more than 500 contests and $3 million in cash and prizes every year. There is a lot to be won out there. You just got to claim your piece of the pie. Reporter: And there's more. Did you ever wonder how celebrity chefs come up with all of the cookbooks? Denise is behind some of them, like Suzanne Sommers. Gorgeous. Be careful. Reporter: She's a recipe ghost writer. Did I tell you that? I do. Reporter: Charging $200 to $400 drecipe. No one is more surprised by my success than me. Reporter: Lastly, you can strike it rich in the $88 billion specialty food business. Meet Erica. Her secret sauce, a ketchup alternative called, what else? Not ketchup. She packages and ships right from her home. And it's starting to pay off. She's in talks with a big-box retailer to sell her recipe nationwide. But for most of us, the cooking contests could be the easiest. Now, Tina is working on a top-secret pizza recipe that could win her a trip to Italy. One, two, three. Reporter: The verdict -- I wouldn't change it. I like it a lot. Reporter: Ah, the sweet taste of victory. That's "Real money." Reporter: Linzie Janis, ABC news, Philadelphia.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Find out how you can fill your wallet with what's been filling your belly.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"22776733","title":"Make Big Bucks Off Your Family Recipe","url":"/WNT/video/make-big-bucks-off-family-recipe-22776733"}