Malala Discusses Abducted Nigerian Girls

Malala Yousafzai said she feels the missing girls are her sisters.
4:44 | 05/07/14

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Transcript for Malala Discusses Abducted Nigerian Girls
Full -- will top minds and ill effects that I see more from the count and -- Thank you -- and I my sisters and down my she says and I feel like my sisters are being abducted. NN -- bass said and nineteen -- The international community in the government and be -- -- -- a -- take a step and they should think about it. And says that accounts should have been in school in the last night that initiative focused on getting -- -- -- -- -- Well -- then act extra data that extremists and did the laundry and the standards because. If some say is that it is your duty to get education. So they can not deny distinct. Because it sounds says that he should -- get not making sure to get education you should be kind to each nation toward -- and a and these extremist group is denying this -- and denying the message of god so I think that they should trust authority -- -- -- -- should be done from -- on. They plan gives the message of peace and brotherhood and what I'm -- that he should be kind to me today quote I'm -- to get nodded still. I think dead what has happened is -- bad and they -- did -- these guys. And sent to prison and I think that -- -- -- -- If anything. And get. Went -- said he -- beginning Sunday the government -- assigning and does not bring any payment now. I'm getting and it predicts that despite -- the government is going to take an action is in has -- is. And the international community. Has been displaced and I'm very happy -- -- Cameron's speech was -- reported in and that is Obama. And am very happy day if you guessed that some people who was beaten playing any special -- and -- death. Being back -- because that I science and -- I saw that how many people who was speaking trying to -- -- they have -- Yes that I people who want to speak for peaceful fully quite a key for full -- how many proponents and is -- happy day. Yes we are going to -- -- and we are going to fight water rights and we are going to speak for these guns. -- -- to change the acting chief of some hardline Muslims because some of them aptly named do anything education it's wrong. -- -- The first thing we need to do is -- we should change our education system should focus more on education. Because usually people -- become extremist. Uneducated they -- -- black education -- and -- -- brought mine gave the -- narrow minded. And I Qingdao and then the second thing is that these people had not true he studied based on having it should he stay decrying the -- the profited. -- nations studied that fast as that because what I'm -- a message of east. And -- -- -- by sound and message of brotherhood. Citing its necessity did we should. -- more on education and make sure -- Everyone Mickey -- 100 living humbled and mrs. psyche. But is devastating budget toward -- -- inning ending -- giving patients its own and welcome me into. But my message is dead. It's not -- that is an east and you should cool -- put on and you should cool and in listen to the teachings of analogy he says input on -- I think that we should look at it not for profit and then how he lived his -- here is -- kind of beat then he ploy to keep bilingual and get -- on -- get education. Citing this should not forget the message of profit and they should focus more time extending and they should get the idea. So -- And I and I haven't given -- I think as -- -- they should think about that our insistence and that is what if it happens to death just as how would they feed there sisters and in prison. -- -- In Nigeria. And he had -- celts have been -- -- its focus through your mind. Ray hunt abode in nineteen gun that they being abducted. I -- -- my sisters were in prison and I think that we should -- -- signing. And -- gave his life evening did. Needing me in time and this is -- instead this -- more and more and more if you want to stop again we have to speak. And I reported today said NA panicking it's only it has busting -- just didn't. -- type situation. Collecting data we should take a step and he should think how to -- issue. -- -- -- --

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{"duration":"4:44","description":"Malala Yousafzai said she feels the missing girls are her sisters.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"23630623","title":"Malala Discusses Abducted Nigerian Girls","url":"/WNT/video/malala-discusses-abducted-nigerian-girls-23630623"}