Malala's Mission: Bring Back Our Girls

Malala is in Nigeria as part of campaign to free hundreds of captive school girls.
1:46 | 07/13/14

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Transcript for Malala's Mission: Bring Back Our Girls
Also overseas, in Africa tonight, a new push on behalf of those Nigerian girls abducted from their school back in April. That help coming from the girl we know as Malala. Famously joining the movement to bring back our girls. Tonight, Malala is in Nigeria, and that's where we find ABC's Amy robach. Amy? Reporter: Good evening, Cecilia. Just a short while ago, Malala arrived to a big welcome here. Today is her 17th birthday, and instead of a typical teenager celebration, Malala flew 14 hours to Africa with one birthday wish. To help bring home the more than 200 Nigerian girls that remain missing, abducted nearly three months ago. While she's here, Malala is scheduled to meet with several of the young women who escaped from boka harm, the Nigerian terrorist group many have compared to the Taliban. As well as several family members who are still anxiously waiting word on their daughters whereabouts. Malala told me why this trip was so important to make on her birthday. You traveled so long. It is your 17th birthday. Tell me why it was so important for you to be here. Well, it is my 17th birthday, and last year when I celebrated it, it was in the U.N., but this year, I thought it would be good that I go to Nigeria, where girls are suffering and they need someone to raise up their voice. And they love education. And I need to support them. Reporter: On Monday, Malala hopes to meet with the Nigerian president, goodluck Jonathan, for the very latest on rescue efforts. I will sit down exclusively with Malala to talk more about the increasingly desperate situation of those missing young women. She wants to put the spotlight back on those who she calls her sisters, who still need the world's help to bring them home. Cecilia? An important message. Amy robach, thank you. We are looking forward to your report, Monday on "Good morning America."

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{"duration":"1:46","description":"Malala is in Nigeria as part of campaign to free hundreds of captive school girls.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"24538680","title":"Malala's Mission: Bring Back Our Girls","url":"/WNT/video/malalas-mission-bring-back-girls-24538680"}