Man Ordered to Wear 'I Am a Bully' Sign

Public shaming of Edmond Aviv, a man a judge decided was a big bully.
1:29 | 04/13/14

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Transcript for Man Ordered to Wear 'I Am a Bully' Sign
night. And I mentioned the public shaming of man a judge decided was a big bully in Ohio. He said and did awful things to a family with three disabled children through the years. So for five hours today, 62-year-old Edmund had to sit near a busy street corner with that sign Reading I'm a bully. Within minutes, drivers sending a strong message. He'll also have to do 15 days in jail. Now to the sister act. That surprised and whipped up a frenzy at the Coachella music fest caival in California. As if you couldn't tell, that's beyonce hopping on to the stage to shake it up with her sister, Solange. Looking good there. The crowd stunned. Beyonce kicking it up a notch. Husband jay Z making a cameo on another stage of his own. Your reaction to the wheel of fortune moment. All the letters revealed but the contestant didn't get it right. That would be a good idea. Mythological hero acheless. Cue the buzzer. The Indiana university student mispronounced Achilles. Missing out on the chance to win $1 million, a car, a trip to London. Many of you tweeting last night, garrick saying you had to see the whole show. He was a disaster. Another said he loses over a million because he didn't pronounce the word correctly? Brad said you must pronounce the puzzle correctly or you're unfortunately wrong. #Gamerules. When we come back who could

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{"id":23313022,"title":"Man Ordered to Wear 'I Am a Bully' Sign","duration":"1:29","description":"Public shaming of Edmond Aviv, a man a judge decided was a big bully.","url":"/WNT/video/man-ordered-wear-bully-sign-23313022","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}