Manhunt for Alleged Cop Killer Heads to California Mountains

Police continue tireless search for fugitive Christopher Dorner.
1:55 | 02/09/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Manhunt for Alleged Cop Killer Heads to California Mountains
Tonight, new information on that ex-cop authorities now say a killer on the run. We have learned this evening, some training that's troubling authorities. Pierre thomas on this case again tonight. Reporter: Abc news has learned that a man claiming to be christopher don dorner, the former lapd cop has called a father of the victim he murdered to taunt him. It's some kind of warfare. Reporter: Sunday, february 3rd, THEY'RE GUND DOWNED IN A Parking lot in an alleged execution by dorner. On thursday, four days after the hit, a man identifying himself ed randall quan, quan after retired from the lapd began an attorney, and represented dorner in a let. According to couocuments, the man calling tells quan that he should have been a better job of protecting his daughter. The call came just hours after dorner allegedly shot three officers, killing one today, the manhunt continued with more than 1,000 police engaged in a massive manhunt spanning hundreds of miles. At big bear, teams continued searching on feet. With canine units and helicopters. Dorner has declared war on police. Calling the lapd corrupt and racist. He claims that he was blacklisted and unjustly fired after accusing a fellow officer of using excessive force. The mayor of los angeles spoke directly to dorner. If you're watching, turn yourself in. Reporter: Dorner is former military. A highly-skilled marksman. And tonight a new concern. Federal transportation officials are warning california airports that dorner has some flight training and might try to take an aircraft. David, it's a race against time. Police believe that dorner will try to kill again.

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{"id":18452711,"title":"Manhunt for Alleged Cop Killer Heads to California Mountains ","duration":"1:55","description":"Police continue tireless search for fugitive Christopher Dorner.","url":"/WNT/video/manhunt-alleged-cop-killer-heads-california-mountains-18452711","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}