Manhunt for gunman who killed 4 people at a Tennessee restaurant

Travis Reinking is still on the lam after being stopped by a patron at the restaurant.
3:34 | 04/22/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Manhunt for gunman who killed 4 people at a Tennessee restaurant
I'm Tom llamas. S with breang news. The urgent manhunt for a gunman who killed four people ata tennessewaffle hound the details Abous previous arrest by the secret service hora.. Authorities say this man was 29-year-olds Reinking was wearinnothing but a jacket when he opened fire outside and then inside busy restaan heavily med policend agents swarming the Tennessee neighborhood where he lives. E waffle hsedows shot out. One custom gethe weapon away. The ar-15 used seen here. Right now he remn the run. ABC's lle reshefn tennese. Eporter: Tonight, police erately seching for E gunman they say killed four in a deadly rampage. Warnhearmed and Y to kill again. Someone is shot, units respond Reporozens of people reis waffle house any morning, police say 29-year-old Travis Reinking opened fire. This in a pick- truck pulled up, gets out of his vehicle wearing nothing but a ja, and shot some guy right at the door. Reporter: The shooter not a single as he fired round after round from this ar-15. Once hot inside, it ets out. Reporter:itsses say the gunman paused to Rd. Th's when jameaw Jr. Wrestled the gun away. Thel still hot, burng his hand. You he to do th now. Or it going be -- let him ld that weapon, it wasn't going to be another wi. It wasn't going to be another chance. Reporter: Police ING him ro. I'mot a hero, I'm just a regular person. Have did what I did. Rorter: Hisun gone, the suspect taking off massive manhunt. Suspect is still on foot. Oropters searching above. Yeah, they're in our yard now. Reporter: Officers with guns drawn, and search , right into tbackyard. Not far from the scene, lice found Reinking's jacket, lo with two re magazines. He clearly came armed with a lot of fire power intending to estate the south Nashville ar. Ter: Then this bomb -- authorities say in 2017, the secret service arrested Ng for being in a restricted area of the whiouse. During that investigation, state authorities seized four fire -- includg ar-15 they say he used today. But investigators say Reinking's far those guns back and a gave them to his son. Reinking at this moment is at large with other weans gotten by now? Well, he's on foot. So unless he'sn by a car other means of transportation, he would be close. Reporter:s Reinking now at the top of Tennessee' a wantedist. LE reshef joins us now at the scef rampage. We see the waffle eight there. You've been on the scene talking to authorities. What hthoue shter's moti? They're concernbout the suspect's mental health. Just moments ago we learned he have incident suicidal behavior and deluon. Police haven't found any notes ee of a posble ti Erieleshef wit that new

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{"duration":"3:34","description":"Travis Reinking is still on the lam after being stopped by a patron at the restaurant.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"54650823","title":"Manhunt for gunman who killed 4 people at a Tennessee restaurant","url":"/WNT/video/manhunt-gunman-killed-people-tennessee-restaurant-54650823"}