Marine veteran returns home with inspirational message

After being wounded in Afghanistan, retired Cpl. Kionte Storey tells others they should never give up and anything is possible.
2:18 | 11/08/17

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Transcript for Marine veteran returns home with inspirational message
Finally tonight, America strong. And every year, we stand up for heroes. Our friend, Bob woodruff, leading the way. And this year, one wounded warrior with a message. Down the stairs, backstage at Madison square garden in new York, we were out to find the heroes. It's an honor to meet you. Thank you. Kionte storey, a former marine. I was injured in 2010. He was on patrol with his marine unit. There was an ied. In a compound in helmand province. 12 of them stepped over it. When he did, everything went into a gray haze. It severed his right leg below the knee. Tried to figure out what just happened. And just really tried to calm myself down and I was going down a dark hole that I didn't want to go down. Determined to change that, he quit the pain meds, then the rehab, the running, the reaching for the top. Climbing to the summit of mt. Vincent. And then, climbing kilimanjaro. You've been a real underachiever. An audience waiting. We all have our own challenges when we return home. Our own mountains to climb. Bob woodruff and his wife, Lee, celebrating him. 11 years now, standing up for heroes. After Bob's accident reporting. A roadside bomb, 2006. And now, years of helping others. It's been the most satisfying thing I've done in my life. His dedication, and those wounded warriors, pulling in Jon Stewart every year. You get to see people progress through their recovery and you follow through their ups and downs and it becomes personal. Yeah. Family. Yeah, that's right. Trevor Noah joining the fight. I think people like Bob make you realize that you can't control what happens to you but you can control how you react. And John Oliver, whose own wife, an American army medic, a veteran of the Iraq war. Don't allow their humility to allow -- They don't whine. Unlike me. I'm a natural whiner. And back on that stage, a beaming retired corporal and a message. We are not alone. Determined to help the warriors coming home behind them. We salute kionte storey and all of our wounded warriors. Good night.

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{"id":51025341,"title":"Marine veteran returns home with inspirational message","duration":"2:18","description":"After being wounded in Afghanistan, retired Cpl. Kionte Storey tells others they should never give up and anything is possible.","url":"/WNT/video/marine-veteran-returns-home-inspirational-message-51025341","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}