Massive efforts underway as coastal towns brace for Florence

Businesses and families were busy boarding up buildings before fleeing, as disaster-recovery teams planned arrivals.
3:25 | 09/11/18

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Transcript for Massive efforts underway as coastal towns brace for Florence
as stevereported, there is a massiveffort T readyor this family, and mmunities eg up buildings and racing get supplies. Hundreds of National Guard flooding and power could last days or even Wes. Gio Benitez in kitty hawk, ton.eporter: Tonight, ssive effort underway. Om Virginia to Mand to the Carolinas. Communities along the coast for orence. S he ground in rolina delivering supplies at low country food bank, workersp disaster ef boxes. Tefrom loc fire departments and the red cross already come ifrom louisindiana, even north dako. The saion army disaster recovery team on the gro you ys are TAKG ts ry seriou oh, this is extlyrious. We've got a number of volunteers, actually we've got over 3 millionteers across E nation that can help us. Eporter: Cy officialinrginia wituckloads of sand for residents to reiheir homes with. Dorchestecounty, South Carolina, Terry Mathews just one of hundreds baggi rt to prott their homes. We're right on the ri so, Jung everything ready, bnging everything inside, Gett up. Rter: So ma L busisses and files boardi up, trying to shore up what they have before thvacuate. W trying to get evhingaken care of that mighifnd might fly, a missilezard. We'reng to tie down we'reng toecure all the major the house. Reporter: This couple has livere in the outer banks for 22ears. They say theyred and are ready. Our shutters are ys where they need to be ssible. Them up to protect the windows. Wisng for the best for all those famies who are gng their us toght. You met families there doing what then, oly to secure their homes and now they're getti ou wried oulow-lying ar Reporteyeah, that's right, David. They area very,y seriously. Mandatory evacuations Arender way rig for both residents ansitors. And I want to show you the view frhehtnow. Our drone cam, becausess at residents are really erned about. E low-lying all of this WER here in thisarea. This storm surge could devastatin David? Gio Benitez W us T, as . Let'brhis down whene think this is goi THIT, shifting as wecloser. Rob Marciano live wrightille bea, fk northna. Take us through the track. Rorter: The track hn't changed a whole lot, David. But theinhas. Now not EXPD to arrive until Friday. Even it's under80 away and moving this diron at mes per hour. It will slow down eventually. 1 140-mile-an-hos. Tomorrow, could become category 5 M. We are on strengthemode. Thwi field is as itapproaches it's going to hit that blocking hi, goi to slow things down andt's not nessarily good news. But it brings it in day. The worst of the weather will be om 8:00 in the morning to in T afrnoon. Hurricane warnings areposted. Storm rge, up to 13 feet in and beyond that, thenfall nd is going to be significant. Tw three F of it, David, so, F away fro the coastline hethere wilbe life-threatening con muiple daysfter this storm eventuallyhits.david? Rob Marciano, hrd him say it. To Threet O rain. Rob, thank you.

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{"duration":"3:25","description":"Businesses and families were busy boarding up buildings before fleeing, as disaster-recovery teams planned arrivals.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"57755571","title":"Massive efforts underway as coastal towns brace for Florence","url":"/WNT/video/massive-efforts-underway-coastal-towns-brace-florence-57755571"}